The easiest cold foam recipe to elevate your iced coffee

Photo of an iced coffee with cold foam
Bru-nO/Creative Commons

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Cold foam has taken the coffee world by storm. After all, who doesn’t love the rich, creamy goodness it adds to every regular cup of joe? Aside from that, it also gives a hint of sweetness to the drink, if that’s your thing. This cold foam recipe is easy to make at home and doesn’t require a milk frother. 

Ingredients (makes about 1 cup of cold foam)

½ cup heavy cream or vegan cream substitute

4 tablespoons milk or plant-based milk 

1 tablespoon sweetener of choice

1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)


  1. Combine all the ingredients into a bowl. Chill the cream and milk beforehand to make it easier to get to a foamy state. 
  2. To whip the mixture, you can choose between the following three options:
    • Put the ingredients into a jar and shake it for about a minute or until the mixture is foamy
    • Pour the mixture into a blender and whip
    • Use a whisk to whip the mixture manually 
  3. Pour the cold foam on top of your coffee and enjoy! 

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