Why every college student should start a dream journal

Illustration of somebody writing in a Dream Journal as they imagine things in nature.
Tiffany Ho/Staff

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As busy college students with too much work to do and not enough time to do it, many of us value our sleep above almost everything else. I’m talking partying, studying, socializing — sleep comes first. But, too often, we consider sleeping to be a commodity as opposed to what it truly is: an unaltered view into the fascinating subconscious. The vast majority of people dream nightly, even if they can’t recall those dreams in the morning. I’m going to offer some personal reasons why keeping a dream journal can have a positive effect on your physical and mental life. 

Dream journaling reduces stress 

Many attribute dream journaling to reduced stress. One type of dream journaling that involves exploring subconscious issues (expressive writing) can help lessen anxiety. In fact, dream journaling has been associated with multiple other benefits, including increases in mood and social engagement. 

It can increase creativity

On a more relatable note, dream journaling can drastically improve your creativity during waking hours. Additionally, it also allows you to tap more effortlessly into your imagination and reach said untapped creative potential when you might need it. Those who have incorporated dream journaling into their routines recall increased creativity while doing different tasks from painting a figure from their dream to writing an essay. 

It’s actually really fun

The last and maybe the most important reason why you should keep a dream journal is simple: It’s fun. I couldn’t tell you how many wild dreams I’ve had that defy logic and threaten to tear the fabric of my reality. Since I began dream journaling, I’ve been able to recall dreams in much greater detail, and I often wake up disappointed that I can’t fly or manipulate space-time with my mind. Dream journaling also helps me get out of bed in the morning: There have been dozens of instances where I would’ve smashed the snooze button had it not been for an insane dream I wanted to remember. It’s also fun to decipher why certain people appear in my dreams and what that could say about my subconscious. 

Hopefully, this collection of reasons to write down your dreams every morning inspires you to do so and gives you something to look forward to in the morning. 

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