Ways to celebrate Easter away from home

Photo of Easter eggs
Amy G/Creative Commons

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With spring in the air and flowers in full bloom, the season of Easter is upon us. This Easter may be your first time celebrating a major holiday away from home, but don’t fret if you have no plans. Here is the Clog’s list of things you can do to celebrate Easter here in Berkeley.

Dye Easter eggs with friends 

Although it may be a little old school, dyeing Easter eggs with your friends is the perfect way to exercise your creativity in a fun and social way. You can also buy multiple different varieties of Easter egg kits on Amazon, Target and other craft stores to make the process easier since all the supplies are conveniently preassembled. Don’t be afraid to get crazy with your designs and mix colors to get the quintessential spring pastel shade!

Have a picnic on the Glade

As college students, most of us probably can’t partake in the typical Easter tradition of throwing a barbecue, but we can have a picnic on the glade to achieve a similar vibe! You can make a charcuterie board, have a potluck or make cute Easter-themed desserts to share with your friends and have a relaxing time in the sun. If you’re feeling funky, you can ask each of your friends to come up with a theme for their own mini-charcuterie board that they would bring to the picnic for everyone to enjoy. Potential theme ideas include a brunch-, dessert- or French fry-themed board.

Make Easter baskets to give to your family and friends 

For those who love buying gifts for people, making Easter baskets for your friends who celebrate the holiday is the perfect way to express your “love language” of gift-giving. If you’re on a budget, you can go to one of the 99 Cents Only Stores on San Pablo Avenue and buy cheap Easter candy for a small Easter basket. Feel free to throw in some succulents, little figurines or other small goodies you know your friend might love. You can also make Easter baskets or send small gifts to your family back home!

Grab some Easter candy and watch Easter movies

If you’re more of a homebody who would rather stay in, grab the Peeps, Cadbury Creme or Robin eggs and sit down to watch an Easter-themed movie. Although they are harder to come by, two of my favorites are “Hop” and “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.”

Even if you have to be away from home during the holiday, we hope these recommendations inspire you to create your own fun plans for an amazing celebration with friends this Easter season!

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