3 ways to get a natural high by exercising your endorphins

Illustration of a boy dancing to music
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Nearly every patch of Memorial Glade will be covered with students in celebration of April 20 at 4:20 p.m. Although many of my friends and roommates are ecstatic about this celebration, I have chosen not to participate. But, I will most definitely still be getting “high” in other ways. On April 20, you can catch me taking in those natural endorphins, and whether you’re into smoking weed or not the biggest fan like me, you too can enjoy these natural highs. 


At the start of my running journey, I used to dread picking up the pace and could barely get around my block without having to lay down to take a breather. Now, I can proudly say that it’s my go-to activity whenever I’m feeling stressed. Whether I barely squeezed in a two-miler after class or hit a personal record time for my 10-mile run, I feel a million times better than before. The euphoric feeling is unlike any other when you get back home, dripping sweat and having the “good” sore sensation in your muscles. While it doesn’t happen every time I step out, runner’s high truly makes me feel unstoppable, as if I could continue running for miles and miles. This is your sign to slip on your running shoes, take a sip of water and head out for a run — whether it’s half a mile or five, you won’t regret it. 


No need to be a childhood prodigy with years of experience to feel the high of a good dance session. If you do prefer to go out and take a class, the feeling of learning, practicing and performing a dance combo is the most rewarding thing ever — especially if you aren’t used to an audience watching. If you aren’t into a teaching environment, blast your favorite playlist and release some insanely good endorphins with a solo dance party. There are no rules when it comes to dancing, and whatever feels good to you is all you need to partake in this natural high. (Pro tip: Have a dance party with your best friends, because the louder the merrier!)

Trying something new

Trying something out for the first time might sound a bit counterintuitive of a feel-good high, but it is truly the scariest yet most rewarding experience ever. It can be “customized” to whatever you are most comfortable with. For example, instead of eating at a new lunch spot with your friends, try having a date with yourself, and step outside of your comfort zone. Personally, I like to try new workout classes by myself and follow them up with a new coffee shop I’ve never been to before. I get the post-workout endorphins flowing through my body and the satisfaction of completing something I was initially terrified of doing. So now’s the time to go out and cross something off your bucket list. Enjoy those natural highs, whether it’s skydiving or trying a new coffee order.

Whether you’re already making plans for this cannabis-filled celebration or simply going about your day as if it were any other Wednesday, try out these natural ways of getting high that’ll leave you feeling just as euphoric — and without the munchies. 

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