6 movies to elevate your 4/20 celebration

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Whether you’re participating in the festivities of April 20 or simply want to commemorate those who are, there is certainly an array of films that embody the stoner spirit — in one way or another. The qualities of a stoner-approved flick are varied, but we’ve narrowed the rubric to include three main camps: the mind-bending, the absurd or the outright, unintentionally hilarious. 

The first denotes films that are full of color and high-concept plotlines; though a participant of 4/20 may not fully comprehend the story being laid out in these films, they are sure to have their mind blown by the sheer gusto. Next, absurdity accounts for the movies that take unforeseen — and possibly unnecessary — risks, making for a feature that throws logic and common sense out of the window. Finally, the unintentionally hilarious category lauds films that are particularly potent when not quite sober — those that have you rolling on the floor inadvertently and uncontrollably. Grab a seat and open a window, let’s dive in. 

“Everything Everywhere All At Once”

One of the more recent films on this list, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” tells you everything you need to know just in its title alone. This is a fast-paced, over-the-top mind-bender that is sure to make viewers rethink their entire perception of reality, and what better time to question everything than during a celebration of cannabis? 

Full of color and psychedelic-inspired imagery, A24’s instant classic is sure to make any “up in the clouds” celebration one to remember, if not one that will change your life forever. 

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Possibly one of the best and most thoughtful animated features of the past decade, this cartoon-style reimagining of Miles Morales offers a variety of immersive and visually arresting scenes guaranteed to elevate any cannabis-friendly kickback. One of the most iconic scenes from the film, in which Miles dives head-first from atop a New York City skyscraper, could make even the most sober viewer fill with adrenaline. 

The immersive quality of “Into the Spider-Verse” compounded by the film’s bright and flashy visual composition makes it land comfortably within the mind-bending camp, where the multiverse is sure to blow your mind and spark endless (and possibly incoherent) discussion. 


Who doesn’t love a good scare, especially when Mary Jane is involved? There’s something increasingly special about watching horror with friends, and cannabis makes this exponentially more intense and thrilling.“Malignant” is no exception. This film is absurd in every sense of the word, with a twist that will leave your jaw wide open and your friends questioning whether what they just saw was real. The unpolluted entertainment that radiates from “Malignant” will surely leave you with a sense of bewilderment and an unforgettable memory, the perfect combination for this green holiday. 


While this may seem like an out-of-place pick for the occasion, “Old” is — for better or for worse — so much more than what is advertised. This M. Night Shyamalan feature is ludicrous and, at times, straight-up laughable, with a plot that is wholly preposterous. 

What makes this film a terrible sober viewing, however, is also what makes “Old” one of the most enjoyable films to watch while soaring in the clouds this April — the scenarios and characters will leave you laughing and befuddled in equal measure. Enjoy having boundless discussions with friends about how and why this movie ever got made, and how bizarre Shyamalan’s plot actually is the more viewers take it seriously. 


Don’t make her drink alone! “Ma” has built a niche but dedicated cult following since its release in 2019, thanks in part to Octavia Spencer’s outlandish performance as the titular character. As one of the most quotable movies of 2019, “Ma” is an ideal viewing for this marijuana holiday for its unadulterated commitment to a ridiculous storyline. The film becomes comically priceless even when it isn’t trying to be. 

Perfect for watching alone, but even better with a crowd, this film combines absurdity with the iconic and hilarious presence of Spencer, whose earnest and celebrated career makes her involvement in this farcical flick all the more enjoyable. After all, when baked, there’s nothing funnier than what isn’t supposed to be. 

“Jennifer’s Body”

While this star-studded classic may not always be unintentionally hilarious, “Jennifer’s Body” is still teeming with the kind of campy comedy that is sure to make 4/20 full of laughs and memorable experiences. Though critics didn’t seem to grasp or appreciate the ironic and eccentric nature of the film at the time of its release, this movie overflows with absurdly funny and crowd-pleasing moments, captained by Megan Fox as a wry, prissy killer. The frenzy of the film is sure to create a wild marijuana watch party and will have you laughing, cheering and believing in vampires.

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