Santa Rita Jail inmate dies one week after suicide attempt

Photo of Santa Rita Jail
Lisi Ludwig/File

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Content warning: Death, suicide

Leonard Brown, an inmate at Santa Rita Jail, died March 15 at a Pleasanton hospital — one week after attempting suicide in his cell, as first reported by The Mercury News.

After officials at the jail revived him, Brown was taken to the hospital, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Ray Kelly told The Mercury News.

Over the years, Santa Rita Jail has been faced with widespread criticism and several lawsuits for its alleged abuse of inmates.

“This is a carceral institution where they see that their role is to simply lock people up,” alleged attorney Yolanda Huang in a former Daily Cal article about a lawsuit filed against the jail. “They’re not interested in helping people improve, be better, heal their traumas and childhood injuries.”

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