The Clog’s power ranking of Disney men as boyfriends

Photo of a still from the Little Mermaid
Walt Disney/Courtesy

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For many of us, the Disney princes (and other leading men) served the role of being our first crushes. Aside from their looks, their charismatic personalities and funny lines elevated our favorite childhood movies. Here’s the Clog’s power ranking of our favorite Disney princes as boyfriends. 

7. Prince Naveen from “The Princess and the Frog”

Prince Naveen was definitely an annoying character in the beginning. Extremely cocky and rude, his sense of entitlement really showed in the first parts of the movie. He does, however, eventually redeem himself towards the end, especially after turning into a frog with Tiana, so he gets points for that. 

6. Prince Eric from “The Little Mermaid”

For the most part, I think Prince Eric’s initial selling point was his great bond with his dog. His character definitely shines more in the second movie as he becomes a father to his and Ariel’s daughter, Melody. We get to see how he would go to great lengths to bring her home and support Ariel. 

5. Prince Charming from “Cinderella”

Prince Charming’s character was kind of dull in the first Cinderella movie, as we only really get to see him trying to hunt Cinderella down. However, his candidness definitely shines in the third movie (arguably the best out of the Cinderella trilogy). The scene where he jumps out the window after the king prevents him from leaving became a meme at one point. 

4. Flynn Ryder from “Tangled”

Although he was a criminal and had ill intentions at first, Flynn Ryder brought out the best in Rapunzel, encouraging her to pursue her dream and ultimately helping her reunite with her family. His eventual close bond with Max was also fun to watch, and that boat scene will forever go down as one of the most romantic scenes in Disney history. 

3. Kristoff from “Frozen”

Kristoff really went all-out for Anna, even though he didn’t know her very well. Despite being orphaned at a young age, he cares for others very deeply. You can only sympathize with him in the second movie as he tries his best to propose to Anna, but she won’t listen. 

2. Li Shang from “Mulan”

A fearless leader, Li Shang is definitely one of the most popular Disney leading men. While his combat skills and strong personality are surely evident throughout the movie, his softer side comes out as his relationship with Mulan is fostered, especially in the end when he comes to meet her family. 

1. David Kawena from “Lilo and Stitch”

While he’s technically not a Disney prince, David from “Lilo and Stitch” sets the gold standard for all leading men. Even when Nani tells him he’s not ready for a relationship, he continues to support not only her but also her sister Lilo through and through. His care is simply genuine and is clearly evident when he helps Nani get a job so that Lilo won’t be taken away by the state. 

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