Beauty essentials for college students

Photo of a eyeshadow.
wuestenigel/Creative Commons

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Caught up in so much homework and extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to maintain a presentable look in college. None of us have time to spend hours getting ready in the mornings due to a demanding workload; however, this does not mean that achieving a glorious presence is impossible. Here is a list of some essentials that will make it easy for you to get ready in fewer than five minutes while looking as good as ever. 

Neutral eyeshadow palette

Yes, all of those nudes and browns. I know colorful makeup is trendy, but blending these vivid colors in the morning is a pain. Investing in a good nude palette will be the key to success. It is easy to apply, math and blend while giving you an effortless look in a couple of minutes. 


This part of the makeup routine is often overlooked, but it really shouldn’t be. Primer soothes your skin and makes it smoother before applying makeup; it kind of protects your skin from the next products that you’re going to apply. Primers also get rid of shine, so if you have oily skin, this is a must-have. 


The sun protection factor is your best friend! It can be used to prevent skin cancer, and protecting your face is the first step toward being safer with it. Especially as summer is nearing, investing in high-quality facial sunscreen is a great idea. This isn’t only makeup but also a health care essential. 


These come in so many colors that anyone is bound to find something they like. From classic black to a brighter blue, mascara is easy to apply and a wonderful way to bring out the eyes. This has got to be the easiest way to elevate the look in the morning by accentuating the eyes. 


Going hand in hand with mascara, eyeliner certainly gives you a more dramatic look. If you really want your eyes to pop and people to ask you what is this new thing you did to your eyes today, then this is for you! 

Lip gloss/balm

To keep yourself looking healthy and fresh, applying some moisture to your lips is key. Having a little pack of lip balm or a lip gloss on you can help prevent dry lips and make them look fuller overall. 

Setting spray

Finally, to help keep your look together, setting spray will come in handy. Many formulas can help your makeup stay on for the entire day and help prevent that powdery, cakey look. Some sprays even come with glitter inside, which makes your face look fresh and sun-kissed. 

Of course, makeup is not a prerequisite for looking presentable. Our natural beauty is what speaks out the most to people and allows us to be beautiful inside and out. Although makeup products can help elevate our looks, they by no means make certain individuals better looking. 

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