ASUC Senate hears announcements on end-of-year events, campus threat

photo of eshleman hall
Owen Mark/Staff
Wednesday's regular ASUC Senate meeting covered various end-of-year topics and campus events.

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ASUC officials and UC Berkeley students made announcements about end-of-year events during Wednesday’s regular ASUC Senate meeting.

At the meeting, ASUC External Affairs Vice President Riya Master advertised Cal Move Out 2022. Held from May 20 to May 30 in the Clark Kerr parking lot, Master said Cal Move Out is a great opportunity to both find and get rid of mattresses and furniture. As it is illegal to dump furniture on the street in Berkeley, the event is perfect for properly disposing of these items, Master noted.

“If you are moving into a new apartment, this is your opportunity to find new furniture,” Master said during the meeting. “We’re really excited about this program.”

During executive officer reports, ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President James Weichert announced that plans for next semester’s budget had been developed. Among the priorities listed for the budget plan were improvements to campus WiFi, as well as increased funding for the Disabled Students Program and academic support resources.

Weichert also announced that he and ASUC President Chaka Tellem met with Chancellor Carol Christ on Friday to discuss Thursday’s shelter-in-place order.

Weichert said many students ignored UCPD’s WarnMe emails because the system had been “abused” to send out unimportant and nonthreatening messages. As such, many students were “in the dark” as to the credible campuswide threat, as well as important information about it, according to Weichert.

“Reach out to me if you have issues with attendance marked absent during Thursday,” Weichert said during the meeting.

During guest announcements, new members from CalPIRG introduced themselves and gave a presentation on their efforts to help students learn to organize policy campaigns and lobby public officials.

One such effort was the “Better Berkeley Bag Ban,” where members of CalPIRG worked with Berkeley City Councilmember Kate Harrison to advocate for a ban on single-use plastic bags in the city, according to Paige Lieblich, campus sophomore and new CalPIRG Berkeley chapter chair.

“We are working with the City Council to see this as an opportunity for our city to serve as the green model for the rest of our state to follow,” Lieblich said during the meeting. “We want Berkeley to lead the way on this issue.”

Lance Roberts is a student government reporter. Contact him at [email protected], and follow him on Twitter at @lance_roberts.