Bouldering gym to open in former Daiso space on Telegraph Avenue

Photo of a building rendering
Zachary Wright/Courtesy
The bouldering gym will feature seating spaces, an outdoor patio, lockers, a vending machine, a mezzanine with a fitness area and a retail shop.

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Mosaic Boulders, a bouldering gym, plans to open one block from campus this fall, replacing what was formerly Daiso.

Co-owners Michael Theodore Heinstein and Zachary Wright, both campus alumni, said in addition to being a place for climbing, Mosaic Boulders will be a place to socialize and study.

“Starting a gym is a new opportunity to share climbing and everything it has to offer,” Wright said in a blog post. “We have a special opportunity with our Berkeley location to serve the Cal campus and introduce students to climbing at a pivotal point in their lives.”

According to Wright, the location is a 4,000-square-foot facility with 2,000 square feet of bouldering space.

Wright added that there will be seating spaces, an outdoor patio, lockers, a vending machine, a mezzanine with a fitness area and a retail shop.

“We want to stay true to the vision of a great bouldering gym, one that is a great place to hang out and a place that is community-oriented,” Wright said.

Heinstein said the gym will be affordable to help students become introduced to climbing, adding that the gym will be a great place to meet people and stay in shape.

The wall designs will have some artistic elements in homage to Chiura Obata, a former professor at UC Berkeley who created woodblock art, according to Heinstein.

Heinstein added that he would like to help “revitalize” Telegraph Avenue and to help make students’ experience at Berkeley more meaningful.

“The gym in many ways is an homage to Berkeley,” Heinstein said. “It’s on Telegraph Avenue; we’re really trying to contribute to the street and to the university.”

Campus junior Rick Cruz said that the gym will be an excellent addition to the community and noted its close proximity.

Cruz said Mosaic Boulders is one of the first physical leisure locations on Southside and that the majority of businesses in the area tend to be small eateries and restaurants.

“This is a great new way to implement places for physical hobbies as well!” Cruz said in an email.

According to campus sophomore Colin Wills, the climbing community is excited to hear about Mosaic Boulders. He said that it will be excellent for experienced and new climbers.

Wills said he is “stoked” because of Mosaic Boulders’ proximity to campus.

“I expect it to be a great place to go for a quick climbing session between classes, a fun place to study, and a good way to meet other Cal climbers,” Wills said in the email. “Climbing is a very welcoming community, and I think Mosaic will serve as a climbing and social hub on the Southside.”

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