Quiz: How slay are you?

Photo of Barbie
Alexas_Fotos/Creative Commons

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The word “slay” has made it into our lexicon and people cannot stop saying it, both ironically and unironically. You hear people sprinkle the word in everyday conversations like they’re baking a Funfetti cake. However, are you actually slaying? If you’ve never sat down and considered the question, look no further. The Clog has your back with this quiz!

  1. Pick a current it girl:
    1. Bella Hadid
    2. Alexa Demie
    3. Zendaya
    4. Chloe Cherry
  2. What is fueling you today?
    1. Coffee and a dream
    2. Pure spite
    3. Flinstone vitamins
    4. The love of family and friends
  3. What would be your personal hell?
    1. Everyone thinking you’re the one who farted
    2. A boring 8 a.m. lecture
    3. Giving up caffeine
    4. Trying to explain the plot of “Avatar” 
  4. Pick a mythical creature to keep as a pet:
    1. Unicorn
    2. Dragon
    3. Jackalope
    4. Cerberus
  5. I should be able to ____ without judgment.
    1. Park my car badly 
    2. Gatekeep an artist when they go viral on TikTok
    3. Keep Christmas decorations up for the entire year
    4. Use outdated memes
  6. How should we solve the current climate crisis?
    1. Set Oski up on date with Smokey the Bear
    2. Suck the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
    3. Try to use boba as a fuel source
    4. Follow Elon Musk on Twitter
  7.   Results
    1. No slay detected. Your slay test came back negative and unfortunately, slaying is not contagious. You can totally slay in the future, but you are currently in a flop era.
    2. Minutely slaying. You are not slaying as hard as others and that’s okay! Maybe take a nap, reevaluate your life choices and order some coffee. Do not underestimate the little slaying you’re doing.
    3. Big slay. Everyone wants what you have and you are ready to face the world. You need your own reality show to document this slayness. Don’t forget to slay the day away!
    4. Slayed so hard, you set a world record. When people Google “slay,” it just redirects to pictures of you. Harness your slayage and slay until the word has no meaning.


Nicholas Clark is a deputy blog editor. Contact him at [email protected].