Power ranking iconic ice cream flavors

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With summer heating up, it’s the perfect time to grab some cold ice cream to cool you down. Grab your favorite ice cream and take a seat because you’re in for a treat. Here is the Clog’s ranking of iconic ice cream flavors.

8. Vanilla

Although one of the most common flavors of ice cream, vanilla is a little bit basic. Vanilla ice cream does go with almost everything and is delicious with toppings. However, when provided alone this flavor is too bland for my liking. With the wide variety of flavors available at ice cream shops though, vanilla is usually not the most appealing choice making it eighth on our list.

7. Strawberry

Most times, strawberry ice cream is a hit or miss. While there are some really rich flavors of strawberry ice cream out there, there are also the opposite. I’d argue that strawberry ice cream is the most deceitful of flavors. Some don’t really taste much like strawberries and more like artificial flavoring. A disgrace to strawberries, if I do say so myself. 

6. Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream is usually very rich and makes the perfect treat, but like other flavors, it can be a little predictable. There is a large variety of chocolate ice cream flavors though, which makes it sixth on our list. Perhaps I’m biased, though. Who doesn’t like chocolate?

5. Rocky road

Ah, rocky road. With chocolate, marshmallow and almond pieces, it can be a little overpowering, especially when there are really huge chunks of marshmallows or almonds. Overall, rocky road is pretty unique compared to some other flavors, placing it at number five on our list. 

4. Neapolitan

When having a large gathering what more can you ask for in an ice cream? With the combination of not one but three flavors, you’re determined to get your money’s worth. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla fans will certainly be happy as well. It’s also fun to have all three of them together at once, making it number four on our list. 

3. Cookie dough

Cookie dough ice cream combines the best part of making cookies — the cookie dough. Combined with vanilla ice cream, who can resist the temptation? However, if the ice cream is too cold, it can make the cookie dough chunks difficult to bite into. Nonetheless, cookie dough is a classic flavor most people love, making it number three on our list.

2. Cookies and cream 

Another common ice cream flavor combining cookies and ice cream takes number two on our list. Cookies and cream ice cream is usually jam-packed with cookie chunks, ensuring you get cookie bits in each bite. With the vanilla ice cream base, it isn’t as heavy as some ice cream flavors. I’m looking at you rocky road. 

1. Mint chocolate chip

Hear us out on this one. Although some may think mint chocolate chip ice cream is too strong, the mint flavor can be really refreshing. The chocolate chips are usually small making them the perfect bite-size pieces. This is perfect so you aren’t stuck chewing pieces of toppings in between spoonfuls. On hot summer days where you want something to help you feel energized, mint chocolate chip ice cream is a perfect choice. With that said, we had to place it at the very top of our list. 

What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself one of these iconic ice cream flavors! You deserve it!

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