How to stay in touch with friends over the summer

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Caroline Lobel/Senior Staff
Reaching out over the summer is imperative to sustaining new friendships.

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College is seemingly all about the memories. Meeting new people and making long-lasting friendships are what make the hardships almost bearable. Thus, it is all the more difficult to be apart this summer. For those who may have moved back home, you might be struggling to maintain these friendships. With that said, here are some tips to stay in touch with the friends you’ve recently made.

Reach out to your friends when you think of them

As the common phrase goes, communication is key. Being honest and open is the best way to sustain any relationship — romantic or platonic. If you ever think of something that reminds you of your friend or a memory you’ve had together, tell them. Although you might feel a little awkward by reaching out to them at first, people always appreciate it. For them, knowing that you’re thinking about them shows that you care. 

Find a hobby you can learn or do together

During the pandemic when all my friendships were practically forced to become long distance, I had to find hobbies that we could do together. My friend and I had a miniature book club, for example. Updating each other on our progress now and then was what kept us in touch. There are many other activities, too. Having a similar hobby gives you both a chance to reconnect over something you enjoy. The options are limitless! All it takes is some reinvention and imagination. 

Make time to see them (either in person or virtually)

If you have the time and budget over the summer, set up a time to visit them in their hometown. Or if you’re feeling spontaneous, plan a trip to go somewhere fun. For those on a budget, kick it old school and meet up with them over Zoom to hang out on screen. Either way, ensuring you spend some time with your friends — even during the summer — is really important.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them

Sometimes, life gets in the way. That’s why forgetting to text a friend is completely valid. However, it’s important that the one week without contact doesn’t turn into two. We’ve all been there, after all. While it can be uncomfortable finally reaching out, you’ll feel better once you do. Introverted friends may be too afraid to make the first move — meaning you have to. Even the most extroverted of folks will wait until they’re texted first. Oh, Generation Z. In most cases, friends will look past the lack of communication and be excited to finally make plans. 

Make plans for next school year

Making plans for the fall semester shows that you’re making a clear effort to meet up again. Saying something like, “we should check out that new restaurant in August” is all it takes. This is especially so for those who’ve moved out of a dorm or house and won’t be living with their friends anymore. It’s important to casually let them know that you want to stay in touch.

With busy schedules and the summer apart it may seem difficult to keep a relationship. Just remember that every relationship requires some work to remain afloat. With these tips, your friendships are sure to last through these tough couple of months apart!

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