Places to visit in Berkeley when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Photo of Amoeba Music
Justin Wang/Staff

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Being a UC Berkeley student can be a stressful experience. When you’re riddled with deadlines, lectures and exams, it’s easy to find yourself on the brink of an utter meltdown. I firmly believe in the importance of self-care and stepping away from overwhelming thoughts and feelings whenever necessary. This is why I’ve compiled this list of peaceful places to visit in Berkeley to help subside your most anxious and stressful moments.

Strawberry Creek

With its waters gently flowing through the UC Berkeley campus, Strawberry Creek is the perfect place for serenity. Surrounded by awe-striking trees and greenery, the creek can be enjoyed at any angle. The small cascades of water accompanied by the timid sounds of nature heals any anxious feelings, instantly calming any overwhelmed mind.

Rasputin Music and Amoeba Music

Not only are Rasputin Music and Amoeba Music notorious landmarks of Telegraph Avenue, but they’re also wonderful for passing the time and soothing the mind. Thumbing through stacks of CDs and records while listening to the day’s chosen playlist makes for the most peaceful getaway. Whichever location you choose, you’re guaranteed a few moments of musical bliss away from an overbearing day.

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA)

A few hours at BAMPFA when you’re feeling overstimulated with school works remarkably well at easing anxiety. Walking around each exhibit facilitates gentle exercise and blood flow while observing the museum’s various artworks. The quiet space allows for relaxed thinking, creating a blissful distraction from outside stresses. Plus, it’s free for all UC Berkeley students!

Memorial Glade

Memorial Glade on a Sunday afternoon is one of Berkeley’s most relaxing experiences. Whether you choose to picnic alone under the sunbeams or throw a football around with friends, the fresh air and feel of the grass can soothe even the toughest of stresses. Memorial Glade’s easy access makes for a sweet and attainable escape on campus.

Moe’s Books

If you’re a book lover like me, you can spend hours in a bookstore in utter delight. Moe’s on Telegraph offers a multitude of genres to search through that can appeal to anyone’s taste. With multiple levels of walls covered in bookshelves, the store can be a peaceful trip for those looking to explore the Southside area. If you wish to add a little fun to your visit, see if you can find the bronze sculpture of Moe’s head hidden within the store!

Ishi Courtyard in Dwinelle Hall

Ishi Courtyard is notorious for being near impossible to find within the maze that is Dwinelle Hall. That’s why, when you do eventually find it, you’re met with the perfect blend of solitude and peace. Surrounded by intertwining trees and chirping birds, that courtyard makes an inviting hiding spot. Whatever you choose to do once you arrive, Ishi Courtyard makes any task feel serene.

Taking time to step away from heavy days is essential to keeping a healthy mind and body. With the abundance of tasks students have to do throughout our days, it’s easy to succumb to the anxieties they create. Not much can be done with an overwhelmed mind, which is why dedicating a few moments to these calming places is beneficial.

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