TikTok’s healthy cola trend fizzes to life

photo of cola
Annabel Chia/Staff

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If you’ve scrolled through TikTok within the past few days, you’ve probably stumbled upon the healthy Coca-Cola trend. Like other trends, it has quickly spread across the platform. 

The first appearance of the “healthier” soda was posted by Amanda Jones on TikTok, in which she shared a hack for a delicious beverage from her pilates instructor. This post reached more than six million views! The numbers are still climbing as the post was shared among eager users excited to try this concoction. 

The drink consists of a splash of balsamic vinegar combined with any type of sparkling water. Although Jones uses La Croix, users who recreated the drink used a wide variety of sparkling water brands. 

Apparently, the drink is supposed to taste precisely like Diet Coke. Since it has natural flavors from balsamic vinegar instead of chemicals from the artificial sweeteners in Diet Coke or sugar in a classic Coke, it’s better for your body.

Diet Coke is my favorite go-to drink. I would go as far as considering it a sacred beverage — a force not to be reckoned with. So naturally, I had to put this trend to the test. The idea of balsamic vinegar with sparkling water repulsed me initially, but like every other internet user, I can’t help but fall victim to TikTok trends. 

I started with my ice and a splash of balsamic vinegar. I then added in my fizzy sparkling water and stirred it.

After combining the ingredients, the color was spot on. The brown-like hue matched the authentic drink! In addition to the scarily realistic appearance, there’s the same fizzing noise that you hear when you crack open a can of Diet Coke. 

Now, time for the taste test. The replicated appearance eased my skepticism. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty confident. Like, hey, maybe this will actually taste like the delicious, refreshing Diet Coke? 

Once I tasted it, though … yeah, it’s not the same. Although there’s the same fizzy taste in my mouth and a slight sweetness from the balsamic vinegar, it simply did not match up to a real Diet Coke. 

I will admit that although it didn’t taste exactly like a Diet Coke, it still tasted good. The balsamic vinegar added a sweetness to the sparkling water. It was still refreshing, too. However, would I ever choose to make this so-called healthier Coke over having an actual Diet Coke? Absolutely not. 

The moral of the story is I’ll stick with my delicious and authentic Diet Coke. Sorry, not sorry, TikTok! 

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