Quiz: What type of jewelry is right for you?

Photo of rings
gipe99/Creative Commons

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Is silver the only way for you to go? Is gold more your type? Is metal even right for you? With all the different types of jewelry on the market, it can be tough to figure out what’s your personal ideal. Your life is stressful enough — there’s no need to waste time thinking about it. Just take this quiz to find out!

  1. What best describes your skin tone?
    1. Medium (warm undertones)
    2. Light
    3. Medium (cool undertones)
    4. Deep
  2. What color are your eyes?
    1. Brown
    2. Blue
    3. Dark brown
    4. Green/hazel
  3. What is your hair color?
    1. Warm brown
    2. Blonde
    3. Dyed
    4. Black
  4. Favorite season?
    1. Summer
    2. Winter
    3. Spring
    4. Fall
  5. Pick a color:
    1. Red
    2. Green
    3. I can’t pick one!
    4. Black or white 
  6. What’s your drink of choice?
    1. A classic latte
    2. Just water, thanks
    3. Lemonade
    4. Hot chocolate 
  7.  How would you describe your sense of style?
    1. Chic and classic
    2. Trendy and constantly changing
    3. Creative and campy
    4. Vintage and elegant
    1. Gold — the color of the sun and one of the most universal status symbols. Gold jewelry is timeless and can shine when accompanied with other warm colors. Give it a shot!
    2. Silver — the color of the moon and stars. Elegant and trendy, silver can be paired with cool tones to create a stylish look. 
    3. Gemstones — these are on the rise in jewelry looks. With all the color and creativity the earth has to offer, why not try out a gem necklace or ring? This type of jewelry is perfect for layering.
    4. Copper — this jewelry can give a historical allure to any outfit. The unique color is a bit darker than gold and looks fantastic against contrasting darks and lights. Try pairing it with dark greens and jewel tones.  

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