My love-hate relationship with summer vacation

Summer also meant being away from home, having to deal with college applications or courses, having to interact with people I’d usually never interact with and dealing with a lot of situations that I generally like to avoid. Although I continued to love the beautiful weather and the thrill of traveling, I quickly began to long for my more ordinary day-to-day life.
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Photo of a pair of glasses on top of some books

Where to donate your glasses

Do you know what four billion people on Earth have in common? It’s not hair color, height or skin color. It’s actually those lenses on your face. That’s right, an estimated 64% of adults wear glasses.  However, more than one billion people are still in need of glasses, and it’s
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photo of rafael nadal

Rafael Nadal: King of clay

Turning 36, managing a stress fracture on his ribs and nursing an injured left foot proved no match for Rafael Nadal at Roland-Garros, or the French Open. Nadal beat Casper Ruud in straight sets — including winning 11 straight games to close out the match — for his 14th French
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