Your guide to baking the perfect Pride cake

photo of a rainbow pride cake
Stephanie Astono Salim/Creative Commons

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The month of June means lots of things: summer heat, fewer classes and Pride month. The internet is full of people celebrating in different ways, but some activities are trickier than they seem. While baking a Pride cake may seem easy, it requires more skill than anticipated. So, here is our guide to baking your own Pride cake.

Baking the cake

For the cake, we decided to bake a six-tier cake with each layer being a different color of the rainbow. Since the flavor was not the focus, we went with boxed cake mix to save both time and sanity. Most boxes come with enough mix to make two tiers, so you’ll need three boxes of cake mix to get started. Start by following the instructions on the box for your first mix, and continue until you’re ready to pour your batter into the pan.

Making the rainbow

Next comes the fun part: making the cake look like a rainbow. For this step, you’ll need six food coloring dyes in the colors of the rainbow. After you’ve made your first round of batter, you’re going to split it into two separate bowls. This part is probably the trickiest of all the steps, as you need to be super careful to make them even so your cake has relatively even layers. You’ll then make each bowl one different rainbow color by adding the food coloring to the mix. Match the shade to your liking by adjusting how much food coloring you’re adding. After this, you can bake the cake as normal and repeat the process for all six layers!


After you have all six layers baked and completely cooled, it’s time to start building. If the batter ended up uneven in the pans, you may have some uneven layers. That’s okay! With the frosting you can cover up these mistakes. Start by laying down your purple layer and frosting the top. We chose a white frosting to not over-complicate things. Once that layer is frosted, you’ll want to carefully lay down your blue layer and then frost that one as well. Continue this process up until you reach the top layer, making sure to keep them centered so your cake doesn’t fall over. Once all your layers are done, start frosting the sides. This is where you can really make your cake look perfect, even if the inside may not have looked great on its own. After your cake is all frosted up, it’s time to move on to decorating.


Decorating is a fairly simple process. This is your chance to be as extravagant or plain as you want. There are plenty of options to top off your cake, from using gel pens to write on the top to adding some sprinkles. After this, all that’s left is cutting the cake and enjoying the rainbow surprise inside!

We hope this guide helps you make the best Pride cake possible and leaves you feeling like a true baker. Happy Pride and happy baking!

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