Illustration of different symbols representing the variance of weather in the bay area, including heat, rain, fog, and wildfires.

A Californian experiences extreme weather for first time

Fearful, alone in the parking lot, the sounds of thunder drifted closer. Opening my weather app to check when it would rain, I saw the advisory that would bring my alarm to a whole new level- not only was there a heat advisory and a 100% chance of a lightning storm, there also just so happened to be a tornado advisory.
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photo of nba draft

2022 NBA Draft Preview shootaround

The 2022 NBA draft is right around the corner! Franchises rise and die on this fateful night, or in the Sacramento Kings’ case, remain trapped in a lifeless purgatory with no hope in sight. The Oklahoma City Thunder have a million picks, the Knicks are back in the lottery and
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photo of mlb pride merch

MLB teams recognize Pride Month

With Pride Month currently in stride, many Major League Baseball organizations have made efforts to recognize and celebrate Pride. June 11, just under two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants became the first two teams to wear pride caps in the same game, according to CBS.
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