A-Z date ideas: Botanical gardens

Photo of UC Berkeley Botanical Garden
David McAllister/Senior Staff

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There’s no better feeling than waking up on a warm yet breezy summer morning with the whole day ahead of you. With blue skies and no plans, the opportunities are endless. Unfortunately, though, it is often easy to find ourselves with zero inspiration on how to take advantage of these long warm days.

That’s why the Daily Clog has created the perfect summer day for you. Botanical gardens, a picnic among flowers, and relaxing on the glade, nothing could be better. So look no further for your next summer outing. Here are the Daily Clog A-Z best date spots in the Bay Area: botanical gardens edition!

We’re all victims to it. Saying we’re going to take advantage of our free student services but never finding the time to do so. Well, there really is no time like the present. The UC Berkeley Botanical Garden is free to students and faculty, close to campus and generally just good for the soul. 

With more than 10,000 different types of plants from around the world, this beautiful spot keeps you wandering through its luscious hills for hours. From the Japanese pool to the tropical greenhouses, there are a plethora of things to discover. Take some time to explore the herb garden, or walk through the plants from South America. With so many things to see, we recommend grabbing a map and seeing where inspiration takes you. 

The green environment leaves you craving more tranquility as you get lost in its beauty, so we suggest planning ahead. While you walk through the shady pathways, you’ll end up stumbling upon lots of benches and picnic tables. Make sure to pack a lunch and stop to enjoy a meal in nature. Whether it’s a classic sack lunch or your favorite food to go, you can’t go wrong with a summer afternoon picnic. Bring your favorite book or a notepad and take some time enjoying the outdoors. Maybe shut your eyes and take in the sounds around you. However you choose to spend your time in the garden is sure to be a peaceful change from the normal chaos of day-to-day life in Berkeley.

With sweet smells and a cool breeze, you’re sure to find yourself wanting to stay in the botanical garden for hours. If you find it approaching the garden’s closing time, though, don’t worry because your day is not over yet. With the afternoon cool air coming and only a short walk to Memorial Glade, your peaceful afternoon can continue. Bring a hammock or blanket and enjoy the rare quietness the glade has to offer during summer nights. Stay as long as you want, or until the chilly night sky rolls in. This serene environment is the perfect end to such a fulfilling day.

So get on out there and spend a day doing something rewarding for you. Take in some fresh summer air, find a buddy (or take a solo trip) and enjoy the perfect summer day.

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