Two affordable eats when visiting San Diego

Photo of tacos
Erica Jean/Staff

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During my recent trip to San Diego, I had the chance to try many things. From the tourist attractions to the amazing scenery, this area has so much to offer. Whether you plan on catching a wave at the beach or simply visiting some friends, the Daily Clog has two delicious places for you to check out. We hope you’re hungry because here are our favorites! 

Tacos El Gordo

Serving Mexican tacos since 1972, Tacos El Gordo offers a variety of Tijuana-style tacos along with fries and other street eats. While the lines are usually pretty long during typical dining hours, the wait at 9 p.m. was relatively short and took at most 10 minutes. I ended up trying their signature adobada tacos, along with the carne asada tacos, lengua tacos and Adobada fries. I recommend my favorites, the adobada and carne asada tacos, to anyone who happens to be in the area!

Bursting with flavor, the adobada tacos consisted of spiced pork on corn tortillas topped with fresh cilantro and onions under a thick creamy salsa. While marinated differently, the adobada was reminiscent of char siu or Chinese BBQ pork as they had both more tender and crispy pieces. My second favorite of the night, the carne asada tacos included roast beef, cilantro, salsa and fresh onions covered generously in guacamole. It had a nice smoky flavor paired perfectly with lime juice!

While these tacos will not be as cheap as street tacos, they are hands down the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t wait to go back again! Located in various locations in the greater San Diego region, definitely try out the place when you get a chance!

Phil’s BBQ

Founded 24 years ago, Phil’s BBQ is famous for American classics such as grilled baby back ribs, beef ribs and BBQ chicken. While there are a variety of family sets and sandwiches to choose from, I encourage you to  try something from the Phil’s Tickler’s menu.It not only includes your choice of BBQ and fresh french fries, but a serving of coleslaw and two  onion rings as well.

Rich in flavor, the baby back ribs fell right off the bones as they were extremely tender. On the other hand, the fries were crunchy and served as classic sides along with the sweet and sour coleslaw. The giant onion rings were just as delicious and added a nice variety to the typical sampler found in BBQ restaurants. 

The above should be more than enough for one but if your party does happen to have some extra stomach, I highly recommend getting their corn bread as well! Sweet and moist, the homemade cake paired perfectly with their homemade butter.Great for sharing as a group!

Phil’s BBQ is a must try when visiting the city in motion — I promise you won’t regret it!

There you have it, two delicious yet affordable places to try when you visit San Diego!

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