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Quiz: Where should you study abroad?

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

You’ve made it to UC Berkeley. Maybe you’ve taken a couple classes, toured the campus and eaten at almost every restaurant on Durant Avenue — but you’re not satisfied. You want to experience a new culture, try some new food and broaden your horizons. No matter how much you love campus, there’s still a whole world out there to explore. And what better way to explore that world than study abroad through one of Berkeley Study Abroad’s 348 programs? 

With so many options to choose from, you might be wondering where you could enjoy a semester or year abroad. Lucky for you, the Daily Cal has your back: Take this quiz to learn what study abroad location is best for you!


  1. What’s your favorite Berkeley restaurant?
    1. El Talpense Mexican Restaurant
    2. Imm Thai Street Food
    3. Ethiopia Restaurant
    4. Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana
  2. Choose a topic to study during your time abroad.
    1. Socio-ecological Sustainability
    2. International Economics
    3. Public Health
    4. Volcanology
  3. On any given weekend abroad, you’re most likely to be:
    1. Going on a hike and exploring the outdoors
    2. Visiting a local market for food and drink
    3. Heading to the beach
    4. Visiting a local history or art museum
  4. How long is your ideal trip?
    1. An entire year
    2. Just a quick summer
    3. A semester is a good length
    4. I’m not quite sure yet
  5. Why do you want to study abroad?
    1. To learn or perfect a different language
    2. To experience a new and vibrant culture
    3. To travel more and gain new perspectives
    4. To meet people and learn the history of a new place
  6. What U.S. state would you like to visit most?
    1. Utah
    2. Florida
    3. I would stay in California
    4. Massachusetts
    1. Chile — A stunning natural wonderland, spending a year (or less) in this beautiful country seems right up your alley. Explore mountains and oceans while taking courses at either Pontifical Catholic University of Chile or University of Chile, all while perfecting (or refreshing) your high school Spanish. 
    2. Thailand — Spend a summer at Thammasat University in Bangkok surrounded by vibrant street life and amazing food. Visit beautiful temples and palaces in your free time outside of studying Economics or Public Health. 
    3. Ghana — Fall or Spring, enjoy the sandy beaches and picturesque landscape while studying at University of Ghana, located in Accra. Meet new people and learn about Ghana’s extensive history and culture.
    4. Italy — The rich history and culture of Italy is waiting to be explored by you! Whether you end up in Rome, Milan or Florence, be sure to visit the famous museums and eat the even more famous pizza and pasta to your heart’s content.



Vani Suresh is the special issues editor. Contact her at [email protected]

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022