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Fall fashion is for classics: stripes, blue jeans, vintage

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

For a die-hard “summer is the best season” type of gal, fall is never something to look forward to. What’s worse than shivering in the morning and sweating by noon? Plus, it’s nearly impossible to find a good pair of jeans that perfectly fits. Fall fashion is incredibly complicated — the weather is hot and cold, clothes from last fall no longer seem to fit and the budget for a new closet is abysmal following summer vacations. 

Despite seasonal pessimism, fall doesn’t quite seem so bad this year. Perhaps it’s Pinterest boards or the general dismissal of microtrends, but this season’s fashion might even be stronger than the previous. It’s all about the classics this fall (and less about business casual Zara blazers and Artizia’s Melina pants). From Bottega’s leather jeans and white tank top look to Matilda Djerf’s minimalist street style, it appears as though fashion is moving back to a focus on the basics. Where loud trendy pieces once took over, there’s a resurgence in finding confidence in a styled white blouse and plain blue jeans.

Will there be an end to microtrends in our future? Probably not. But going back to the basics this fall demonstrates fashion’s pull to find creativity in sustainable, affordable looks past superficial Y2K fashion. From blue denim to vintage graphics, here’s everything you need in your wardrobe this fall (and beyond). 

Cashmere sweaters

Yes, cashmere is snobby, but hear us out. A good cashmere sweater can change your life. Although the fabric is often deemed not worth the price point and a marker of a higher class fashion faux pas, it’s simple: Cashmere lasts. Unlike nylon or polyester, cashmere boasts softness, structure and sustainability. While it is made out of wool, which is debatable in its material sustainability, cashmere lasts forever.

Even though its price point is higher than the traditional sweater, there are now options that make the material more accessible. Thrifting platforms (such as Depop or Poshmark) or traditional thrift stores tend to have tons of quality cashmere pieces at an affordable price point. We aren’t saying you need five or six cashmere sweaters. However, slowing our consumption of fast fashion and investing in potentially pricier but long-lasting pieces is exactly what this fall is about. 

True blue denim

Mark our words, navy will be the color of the season and might also trail into the winter months. The Lana Del Rey coastal grandma aesthetic is still among us, and while the LL Bean customized tote might be trendy, a good pair of jeans is crucial for fall. With Emma Chamberlain’s and Danielle Guizio’s recent collaboration with Levis, the possibilities are endless. This might be a no-brainer to some, but a good, sturdy pair of denim jeans is truly unmatched, pairing with essentially every sweater, blouse and top this fall. 

Stripes, gingham, plaid

Stripes, gingham, and plaid are the most timeless yet playful trio perfect for fall. A blue and white striped sweater (maybe it’s even cashmere) with a pair of blue jeans? A match made in heaven. Brands such as Ganni have revolutionized the tasteful plaid dress that is essential for a warm fall day or to be paired with boots and a jacket for cooler weather. No one in fall is just ready to let go of summer yet, and a flowy, striped linen top or colorful gingham pants recognize the season without falling into the gloom of colder weather. 

Vintage graphic tees

We’ve seen brands try to “recreate” the semi-destroyed vintage t-shirt look, and it never succeeds. Yet, a not-so-serious graphic or a vintage band t-shirt effortlessly expresses some personality without embodying the awkwardness of a graphic t-shirt. With 2014 fashion influence and indie sleaze coming into play this season, it’s the best fitting in-between. Styled with printed leather pants or denim shorts and some boots, it’s a sustainable alternative for a statement piece. 

Maxi skirts

On her podcast, Emma Chamberlain said that her summer uniform consisted of a long skirt and a tank top. Chamberlain, who is usually ahead of the game when it comes to fashion anyway, was surely thinking ahead: Maxi skirts will be the it-girl item this fall. Long skirts are long enough to keep your legs warm but won’t cause a flood of sweat when the sun comes out — the perfect solution to fall’s awkward weather patterns. Able to be styled with a sweater, Doc Martens or a tank top, maxis will particularly shine this fall, but their versatility makes them a closet staple all year. Everyone needs a maxi or two this fall, dressed up or down.

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2022