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SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

One thing that every college student knows is that college is expensive. When you’re submerged in mounds of tuition, student debt and unpaid fees — a largely universal experience of going to college is being broke.

When it comes to low bank balances, there are extraordinary ways to save the most of your money, especially when it comes to finding meals for the lowest prices. There’s no need to sacrifice all your savings on five-star meals, and this list of amazing meals for broke college students will make it all the easier!

Fully loaded burrito

A good burrito can be pretty pricey. My question is, why would you spend money you don’t have on a burrito from Chipotle if you can just make it at home? This tip for making burritos at home is the perfect hack for students living off their last few dollars. 

When you find yourself dumping leftover scraps of food in the trash or garbage disposal, think again! Save all those deliciously unwanted scraps and shove them into a tortilla to make the ultimate frenzy of flavor and texture. Even better, grab the strings of leftover food from your drain for added seasoning! You’re bound to save so much from this easy meal.

Milk saving cereal

Milk can be unreasonably expensive, and cartons of it are bound to put a massive dent on your savings. This quick tip can help you make the most out of your carton and save the utmost of money.

While you’re washing your dishes (this could work especially well if you have a dishwasher), catch all the water that would typically go wasted down the drain into a cereal bowl. When your bowl is sufficiently filled, pour in a capful or so of your milk and boom! You’ve used significantly less milk than you usually would. With this money-saving hack, you can make the most out of your milk carton and kill two birds with one stone!

Flavorful macaroni and cheese

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? Granted, mac and cheese is already quite inexpensive — but what about when you’ve already used your last box and all you’ve got is some leftover pasta and some of your roommate’s ranch dressing? You mix them together. This combination is absolutely scrumptious and saves you money going to the store and buying an entire new box of macaroni and cheese. And let’s be honest, ranch dressing is technically just another form of cheese.

These are just a few tips and tricks to help broke college students save money on their next meal! They’re guaranteed to be absolutely delicious and financially beneficial, making for the best meals anyone scrounging for money can ask for.

This is a satirical article written purely for entertainment purposes.

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2022