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My top 5 favorite loungewear sets for the fall

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OCTOBER 06, 2022

As silly as it may sound, I take pride in my extensive collection of sweatpants and sweatshirts. Getting to wear pajamas to class or to run errands — all while looking effortlessly chic — has made loungewear sets a staple in my closet. As the chilly fall season approaches, several clothing brands are launching their new cute and comfortable sets; however, not all sets are created equal. Here are my top five favorite loungewear sets that are guaranteed to keep you warm as you study for midterms in Doe Library or walk down College Avenue to grab your Sunday morning bagel and coffee. 

  1. Lululemon

Starting off strong with my all-time favorite athletic clothing brand, we have Lululemon. Already well-known for its quality gym wear and endless color options, Lululemon has truly changed the game for me when it comes to loungewear. Its super soft and cozy Scuba hoodies come in a variety of styles — half-zip, full zip and pullover — making you want to leave the store with all three. Complete the look with the matching Scuba Joggers and you’re set! Throwing on a comfy all-black sweat set, especially after showering post-workout, makes me feel like I have my whole life together.

2. H&M

H&M always has my back when it comes to basics — more specifically, loungewear. H&M takes it up a notch by elevating neutral colors and styles with various fabrics like fleece and terrycloth. From afar, one might look at my outfit and just see a heather-gray hoodie and joggers, but look closer and you’ll see the refined details, such as the soft-knit or ribbed fabric and the wide-legged cut, that make any piece that much cuter. Add on a denim jacket or puffer vest along with a baseball cap and finish off the outfit with some cool sneakers to look like an off-duty model.

3. Madhappy 

When I’m in the mood to splurge on quality pieces, I pay a visit to Madhappy. I would do absolutely anything to fill my closet’s loungewear collection with Madhappy, but unfortunately, I don’t have $300 to drop on sweats all the time. Other than its price tag, the company’s mission to make the world a more optimistic place truly resonates with me. Madhappy focuses on eliminating the stigma around mental health — most notably through “The Local Optimist,” a blog created to promote awareness around mental health topics. The site features stories, interviews, podcasts, playlists and resources all centered around mental health. Supporting businesses that support me is always a win. 

4. Abercrombie & Fitch 

While Abercrombie & Fitch might be all the rage when it comes to high-rise denim, I fully stand by their incredibly stylish and affordable loungewear. Similar to H&M, Abercrombie successfully elevates simple staples, like the basic sweat suit, by adding in split hems at the bottom of its sweatpants and collars to its sweaters. I personally love the fact that my cute bralette can peek through underneath my sweater or that my platform sneakers are still visible with my pants. Transitioning my bright summer pieces by layering them underneath an off-the-shoulder sweater and slipping on some matching sweat shorts has made my mornings that much easier. 

5. Target

At the moment, the “OG” sweatpant and sweatshirt combo in my closet hails from none other than Target. Though it gives off slightly P.E. teacher vibes, my classic light gray matching sweat suit has been a staple since high school. Perfectly oversized and almost like a hand-me-down from my dad with a few pesky coffee stains, this Target set has been through it all, and it’s going to continue comforting me for my last few college semesters. The level of comfort I feel when I slip this on right before a long study night or after a big meal is beyond words. No fancy designs or colors needed here. Just a plain and simple hoodie and sweats is all I need to feel like I’m sleeping in the clouds. 

As the unbearably hot weather transforms into cloudy mornings and chilly walks home, fall fashion can feel like a hurdle to figure out. Spending 20 minutes in the morning picking out an outfit and then rushing to class is a pretty bad feeling, made even worse when I’m wearing something that’s not even comfortable. But thanks to my loungewear collection, it’s a feeling I can avoid altogether. These five loungewear sets make me feel like an A-list celebrity walking out of an airport on my way to a bougie workout class — even if the reality is a far-less glamorous walk back home from the library.

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OCTOBER 06, 2022