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ASUC officials introduce student healthcare, wellbeing measures

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ASUC officials introduced four bills and announced a number of measures and events at the ASUC Senate’s regular meeting on Wednesday.


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OCTOBER 14, 2022

ASUC officials introduced four bills and announced a number of measures and events at the ASUC Senate’s regular meeting on Wednesday.

At the meeting, ASUC Senator Joshua Lee introduced a bill, SR 22/23–010, that would reinstate ASUC funding to the Interfraternity Council after it was revoked in March for the council’s alleged failure to adequately respond to sexual violence issues. A previous version of the bill was tabled indefinitely after controversy erupted over it at an ASUC meeting on Sept. 28.

Another bill, SR 22/23–007, would urge UC Berkeley to amend its licensing guidelines for therapeutics discovered on campus to ensure they are affordable for people in low and middle-income countries. A public commenter from Universities Allied for Essential Medicines expressed support for resolution, citing UCLA’s adoption of a similar guideline.

ASUC Senators Tyler Mahomes and Anjali Jogia-Sattar and the ASUC Sexual Violence Commission introduced a bill, SR 22/23–009, that would establish the Berkeley Community Angel Shots Initiative, which allocates $300 for posters to be put up in bars and restaurants around Berkeley to raise awareness of angel shots. An ‘angel shot’ is a fake order to alert bartenders of an unsafe situation.

A member of the Sexual Violence Commission noted the PATH to Care care line has seen a 30% increase in calls compared to last year, with a noticeable rise in party related incidents.

The other introduced bill would explicitly prohibit the use of ASUC funds for club retreats. All four bills were referred to committee.

During the public comment period, Stephen Martindale, ASUC Senator Mahathi Kandimalla’s Chief of Staff, said the ASUC Senate should begin every meeting with a land acknowledgment. ASUC Senator Stephanie Wong added that she believes the ASUC should pay a land tax to support indigenous communities and urged fellow senators to use their office budget to do so.

“It is still quite astounding to me that the ASUC has not paid a land tax,” Wong said at the meeting. “Mine last year was around $90, which is nothing compared to what we have taken away from indigenous and native people.”

ASUC External Affairs Vice President Bailey Henderson noted his office will be hosting its annual Votechella concert to promote civic engagement on Oct. 21. It will be headlined by rapper Tee Grizzley, Henderson noted.

The chair of the ASUC Menstrual Health Commission said at the meeting that menstrual product dispensers they had ordered last year would arrive Oct. 13 and be placed in high-traffic bathrooms around campus shortly.

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OCTOBER 15, 2022