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What your favorite "House of the Dragon" character says about you

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OCTOBER 17, 2022

After years without “Game of Thrones,” fans of the iconic HBO television series can now look forward to Sunday nights once more. With the success “House of the Dragon” has been receiving and the countless conversations it’s sparking online, everyone is obsessed with the Targaryens right now.

As a dedicated GOT fan and someone who never misses an episode of HOTD and is always team Targaryen — except after that last season of GOT; we don’t talk about that — I see myself as absolutely qualified to judge people based on their favorite HOTD character. So, if you’re just as obsessed with this new show as I am, strap into your dragon’s saddles and get ready to see what your favorite character says about you.

Also, spoiler alerts. Obviously.

Viserys I Targaryen

If your favorite character is Viserys, honestly I respect you. That man is constantly on the brink of death, yet still manages to make it to the next episode — and I think that says a lot about you. You’re someone who fights for what you believe in, and you never fail to support those you love. You’re just as stubborn as Viserys is, which is why you like him so much. You’re also someone who constantly keeps themselves in the same toxic cycles, and you use Viserys’ actions to justify your own. Besides that, I think you can be a pretty interesting individual.

(Since writing this, Viserys is now dead. R.I.P. king, they finally got you.)

Alicent Hightower

I’m sorry but if your favorite character is Alicent, we can’t be friends — simply because I can never trust you. You see things in a very black and white kind of way, and because of that, you have a big respect for Alicent. Alicent is someone who puts duty and responsibility before anything, even if it means cutting emotional bonds. I can see how you can respect that — but personally, I wouldn’t let that slide. I feel like a part of you probably feels bad for Alicent, because you too had your adolescence stripped away from you. I can understand that, but I still can’t trust you to not threaten to cut my kid’s eye out. That’s just me.

Daemon Targaryen

Oh, so you’ve got a thing for the bad boys, don’t you? If you love Daemon, I’m just going to automatically assume it’s because you’re a little freaky. The man kills and tortures people, but you think it’s okay because they probably deserved it and he looked hot doing it. The reason Daemon is your favorite character is because you either wish you had a man like him or you wish you were him — minus the banging your niece part, I hope. Honestly, I can’t judge you too much, because I’m also in love with Daemon Targaryen and I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to myself if I said anything negative. Does that make me biased? Yes, yes it does.

Ser Criston Cole

Really? No, like really? Honestly, just exit the article right now. I have nothing to say to you.

Rhaenyra Targaryen

If your favorite character is Rhaenyra you’re one of the baddest bleeps out there. Rhaenyra is the definition of gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss — which is everything you stand for. You don’t like the idea of men walking all over you, so seeing Rhaenyra step all over the men who try her is your favorite thing about the show. You respect how strong-willed she is and how she’s more than capable of fighting her own battles. You’re willing to do anything for your friends and family, no matter how extreme. But us Rhaenyra girls have to be careful with how intense we can get, or else things will get bloody (no pun intended).

I hope you enjoyed my takes on your favorite character — and if you didn’t, perhaps you should look into yourself and ask why. Until then, enjoy next Sunday’s episode! And if your favorite character dies, then I’m very sorry for your loss (unless it’s Ser Criston).

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OCTOBER 17, 2022