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The autumn aesthetic: How to create a cozy atmosphere at home

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Cozy fall atmosphere with a cup of coffee, autumn leaves and warm sweater


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OCTOBER 23, 2022

Autumn is such a sensory-filled season. The colors and scents that come with autumn are so distinct that we can’t help but imagine the colorful fall foliage, gourds and the warming scent of cinnamon. There’s such a gorgeous shift in nature during this time of the year, with the bursting yellows, oranges and red of the leaves. It feels as if the earth is trying to hold onto some warmth and comfort as the weather turns colder. 

It’s time to switch your home decor up to match the change in seasons. Whether you’re in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, there are so many wonderful (and easy) ways to warm up your place for the fall season.

Lots of blankets and pillows

Pile up the soft blankets and pillows. Drape them on your bed or the couch. The warm and cozy vibe they give off are sure to create a comfortable energy in your home. It’s even better if you have blankets in fall shades such as browns, oranges or reds, but any blanket will do. Plus, the feeling of falling onto a pile of pillows and warm blankets after a long day is heavenly.

Light it up

Bring a soft glow to your space by hanging up some string lights. If you want to get more creative than just your average fairy lights, there’s a plethora of small acorn or pumpkin-shaped string lights to choose from. You can also put some candles on your tables or nightstands to warm up the space. If you have allergies to candle scents or have a bad habit of forgetting to put candles out, not to worry! You can still achieve the same vibe with fake candles.

Pumpkin everything

The best fall decor is anything you can get from a local farm or market, such as pumpkins, gourds or dried corn. Line them along your window sill, coffee table, desk and so on. If you have a porch, you can even put a few giant pumpkins by your front door. Don’t forget to carve some spooky faces for Halloween! 

Tip: I’d recommend getting sugar pumpkins so you can cook them when they’re done sitting out. I always want you all to get the most bang for your buck!

Baked goods & warm aromas

Warm up your home with autumn aromas.You can bake, light some candles or even use a few home tricks to fill your home with the smell of autumn spices! You don’t have to bake anything out of this world complex as we’re all guilty of buying box mixes. Plus, they turn out great every time! Try your hand at gingersnap or snickerdoodle cookies, bake pumpkin bread or even make an apple pie to make your house smell cozy. Unfortunately, I’m absolutely terrible at baking. For my fellow culinary-challenged friends, I like using a scented room spray and reed diffusers. Even just simmering some cinnamon sticks, orange peel and apple slices in water on the stove fills my home with a pleasant aroma.

Books, board games and more

Autumn isn’t just warm lights, cinnamon scents and pumpkins. The cold weather also calls for more indoor activities, so make sure your place is stocked with them. Stack some books on a table for the academia vibe. For October, my personal favorites to put out are “Frankenstein,” “Dracula” or any Brontë novel for that gothic Halloween energy. You can also put out a Jane Austen novel or your “Harry Potter” series (the book nerd in me earnestly hopes you all own this series) for more lighthearted energy. It’s also fun to have some board games lying around for when friends come over. My friends and I absolutely love Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly, but any game will do!

However you choose to warm up your home for autumn, remember to sit down and enjoy the slowing down of the season. Although our academic workloads may be piling up, it’s important to find moments to relax a bit as the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder. If you’ve changed your decor to match the warmth of the autumn aesthetic, then kicking back and slowing down your thoughts for a bit shouldn’t be too difficult. Remember to savor the season!

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NOVEMBER 01, 2022