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Nostalgia of Halloween

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OCTOBER 24, 2022

Growing up, when Halloween approached each year I would always ask my mom, “Is it dark enough to go trick-or-treating yet?” As a child, Halloween was one of the most exciting days of the year. I spent all of October looking forward to Halloween school parades, parties and candy exchanges with my friends after we went trick-or-treating. 

Now that I am an adult, Halloween is no longer a holiday I enjoy. Instead, it’s a day where I mourn my childhood and experience great amounts of nostalgia. 

Lots of these nostalgic feelings stem from the memorable and exciting experiences and traditions I had as a child, such as Halloween decorating. My parents and I decorated the outside of my house early in October. On Halloween evening, we put a large inflatable jack-o’-lantern in my front yard. I distinctly remember it being bigger than me at the time. I miss the days where my only concern was having the best decorated house on the block. 

Dressing up for Halloween reminds me of how carefree my childhood was. I could dress up as anything I wanted, without the fear of being judged. I could make a fool of myself and it was okay, since everyone else was being foolish on Halloween night. Celebrating Halloween as an adult seems like a competition. It’s no longer about whose mom made the coolest costume, but rather whose costume is the sexiest and shows the most skin. 

Halloween was never complete without help from my parents. Whether it was bickering while putting on my costume or going to the grocery store to pick out which candy to hand out, my parents were the true stars of the Halloween show. Spending Halloween at college and away from them is bittersweet. I’m excited to hang out with friends and go to parties, but I definitely miss trick-or-treating with them and doing a candy haul at the end of the night. 

Most people consider Halloween a day to party and eat junk food, but it brings up nostalgic feelings of what it was like to be a child. Although I’ve adopted new Halloween traditions, I’ve had to say goodbye to old ones. I’ve come to realize that Halloween is a reminder that the process of growing up involves going through changes. 

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OCTOBER 24, 2022