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OCTOBER 24, 2022

Whether it’s fighting for my life in the laundry room or trudging up the hill to Stanley Hall, I’m never caught without my headphones on. And, If I’m not replaying the same three songs on my playlist, I’m most likely listening to a podcast of every sort.

The land of the pod is deep and diverse, and here are some of my favorites that you might like. 

Revisionist History

Malcom Gladwell’s journey into the overlooked and misunderstood. This podcast has been my all-time favorite since high school, and I now have the most fascinating assortment of knowledge that I wouldn’t have ever come across. It’s a show of ideas, investigations and conundrums, ranging from the secrets of the LSAT to The Little Mermaid. I’ve never been more “in the zone” while listening, and it’s a perfect boost of curiosity to kick start the day. I listen to it anywhere and everywhere. How on theme.

Breaking Points 

Hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, this is a news podcast that I find enormously helpful in understanding current events. The podcast pulls reports from a variety of sources and goes in depth into all sorts of published pieces, uncovering what the media is really saying. This is an essential for my morning walks, and I’ve learned a lot on how to read between the lines. Plus, it’s entertaining. 


While I was first engrossed by its unusual name, I’ve been hooked ever since. With wellness connoisseur Gwyneth Paltrow at its helm, the Goop discusses all things health and lifestyle. The pod consists of interviews and chats with a variety of guests, and it’s interesting to hear ideas and thoughts that you wouldn’t have otherwise ventured. There’s probably one for every late night thought you’ve had, and it’s a perfect pairing with some lavender essential oil and a cup of matcha tea. 

Crime Show

This isn’t your typical true-crime podcast, with its focus being telling “stories about people. And sometimes crime.” There’s a wide range of mysteries and crime stories from ghosts, thieves and scammers (murders as well). My favorite episodes are the ones so bizarre I had to go back and confirm I was hearing correctly. For example, the strange and peculiar incident of voice theft. 

Everything is Alive 

Have you ever wondered what a can of cola, a lamppost, an elevator or a grain of sand (whose name is Chioke, by the way) is thinking about? Well, have I got the show for you. Hosted by Ian Chillag, “Everything is Alive” is an unscripted interview show in which every interviewee is an inanimate object. And yes, they all have names. This show is both a fever dream and a rollercoaster ride that just keeps on going and going. 

May the pods bless your ears, brains and commute. 

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OCTOBER 24, 2022