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Proposition 1 on midterm ballot to secure right to abortion

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Proposition 1 on the November election ballot seeks to protect reproductive rights in California.


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NOVEMBER 01, 2022

A proposed state constitutional amendment regarding abortion rights will be on Californians’ ballots this November. As election day draws closer, students on campus and activist organizations alike weighed in on the implications of the proposition.

If passed, Proposition 1 will recognize that the state cannot deny or interfere with the individual’s fundamental rights to choose whether or not to have an abortion and whether or not to use contraceptives. Under courts’ current interpretation of the state constitution, the right to make reproductive choices is already protected under the right to privacy.

Prop. 1 would change the state constitution to explicitly express the rights to reproductive freedom.

Opponents of the proposition are concerned that the proposition would allow abortions in the late stages of pregnancy, past the point of viability. However, experts disagree on whether the proposition would affect the legality of these abortions because the proposed amendment does not explicitly address the issue.

“Even healthy babies who could survive outside of their mother could be aborted,” said Allison Martinez, executive director of the pro-life California Alliance of Pregnancy Care, in an email.

Martinez noted that the proposition would affect Californian taxpayers, stating that late-term abortions are more costly and would make California more of an “abortion sanctuary,” attracting abortion-seekers from other states.

The non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office has found that the proposition would have no direct fiscal impact unless it were interpreted as expanding abortion access.

Proponents have noted that in the wake of the Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade, passing Prop. 1 will send a message to the rest of the country that California will protect rights to reproductive choice.

“It would affect Berkeley students seeking to exercise their reproductive rights,” said Cecilia Lunaparra, President of Cal Berkeley Democrats, in an email. “Especially for out-of-state and international students with restrictive reproductive laws, in addition to students from hostile households, Berkeley students would be able to find the healthcare they need and deserve at the university.”

Lunaparra noted she believes that passing Prop. 1 will support marginalized people including low-income, immigrant, incarcerated and queer communities and communities of color.

Lunaparra added that it is likely that Prop. 1 will be passed by California voters. However, ASUC Senator Stephanie Wong noted that while the Bay Area is predominantly liberal, she has observed that reproductive rights are less protected in some areas of California, such as Bakersfield.

“People think that California is a liberal state and that abortion is going to be guaranteed regardless of whether it’s going to get constitutionalized or not,” Wong said. “But I would really encourage people to get out there and vote in support of Proposition 1 thinking about areas like Bakersfield where individuals don’t have the easiest access to abortion and other competent medical services.”

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NOVEMBER 01, 2022