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Shows to watch for the best fall vibes

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NOVEMBER 07, 2022

Trying to get into the fall spirit when free time is almost nonexistent is a challenge I face every year, wanting to try all the fun fall activities but finding myself with no time to actually get around to them. This year, determined to find some way to indulge in the seasonal activities, I turned to TV. Having a show playing in the background that exudes fall vibes has lifted my spirit and helped me feel festive in a season full of scary midterms and long projects. If you’ve also been looking for a way to jump into the fall fanfare, then this is the perfect guide for you. The Daily Clog has created a list of our favorite TV shows to watch to get into the fall spirit. Whether you’re a fan of comedy or drama, something intense or lighthearted, this guide will have you covered!

“Gilmore Girls”

If you’ve seen this show, then you know. “Gilmore Girls” is the epitome of autumn. This comedy drama that follows the iconic mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory, has everything you could want. A quirky small town, outlandish characters and the perfect mix of witty humor and dramatic moments are just some of its highlights. This cult classic is the perfect show to really feel the fall vibes. Even if you cant partake in all the classic pumpkin patches and scary movies, watching these loveable characters participate in their small-town festivals and activities will make you feel like you’re right there with them.

“Gossip Girl”

If you’re more of a fan of a drama series that will really pull you in, then “Gossip Girl” is the way to go. Taking place in the Upper East Side of New York and following the lives of a group of high schoolers, this show is packed full of romance and thrilling twists. You’ll soon find yourself roped into the intriguing lives of the series’ unmatched characters. With the idyllic New York setting and back-to-school vibes, this show is the perfect choice to watch this fall semester.

“Only Murders in the Building”

A newer show that is already wildly popular is “Only Murders in the Building.” This comedic mystery is perfect if you want a hint of a thriller this spooky season with the easiness of a comedy. While this exceptionally stacked cast tries to find out who murdered their neighbor, and documents the process via podcast, they constantly find themselves stuck in hilarious misfortune. Unlike any other series, this show is sure to keep you both laughing every episode, as well as have you anxiously waiting for the big reveal.

“Stranger Things”

Rounding out our list with a truly suspenseful thriller, “Stranger Things” is a must watch this fall for those who want something with a little more intensity. The riveting plot mixed with an iconic ’80s soundtrack, this option is perfect for those who want to be on the edge of their seat. With shorter seasons, this is also a great option for those who don’t want to commit to an extremely long series. This spooky choice is unbeatable for those who love the scary aspect of the fall season!

Whatever vibe you’re looking for, we hope this guide helps you find your new fall favorite. Fall is a great time to bundle up and watch something that’ll spark your interest. So grab a blanket and some snacks and enjoy your favorite fall choices!

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NOVEMBER 07, 2022