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Your essential guide to a wardrobe makeover

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NOVEMBER 07, 2022

No matter what time of the year it is, some of us are bound to be in need of a wardrobe change. Yet, most of us have probably been holding it off for one reason or another: “I have work to do” or “It’s too expensive,” to name a few. The thought of spending a whole day shopping for clothes sounds enticing, but somehow it always remains at the back of our minds, buried by other priorities like studying, meetings and events. 

Now that the leaves are changing color and the temperature is dipping outside, there’s one thing to look forward to besides November’s break — Black Friday. With eye-widening sale prices that will be circulating physical and online stores looming around the corner, there’s no better time than now to start curating your new wardrobe for the upcoming holiday season and spring semester. If you’re wondering where to start, The Clog is here to help. In this article we have carefully selected some of our favorite fits for every season so that you can begin, or enhance, your glow up journey.


Oversized knitted sweater, jeans, sneakers and some simple gold jewelry

If you don’t already have these, they should be your priority when you start shopping. Despite being effortless, this outfit can never go wrong. My favorite styles of jeans are light-wash boyfriend or relaxed fit with simple knee rips. A good pair of jeans can take forever to find, so start looking for them early or be prepared to spend a good amount of time browsing at various thrift stores.

Plain white oversized button-up shirts, sweaters/sweater vests and mini skirts

The vibe we’re trying to go for here is work casual. Print should be  kept to a minimum while solid mellow colors such as beige, white and black are favored. I’ve seen this outfit on my Pinterest board multiple times and it’s drop-dead gorgeous, but not many people wear it around in real life. I hope to see this fit more often in the future!


Turtlenecks, hoodies, puffer jackets, sweatpants, Doc Martens, rectangular sunglasses

In my opinion, this is the epitome of winter fashion. It’s everything you already have, thrown together in a seemingly random manner to create an elevated fit. It spells simplicity and sophistication at the same time. Do you know what this also means? More savings that will help out your wallet. Although, if you have a particular fondness for North Face puffers, you’re on your own. …

Thrifted oversized jackets, cargo pants, sneakers, baseball caps

If you’re at a thrift store, look out for these items. The best thing about this outfit is its versatility. You can mix and match different styles of jackets and still end up with a fire fit. Think leather, Carhartt, flannels or even brightly patterned layers.


Knitted sweaters, mini skirts, leg warmers, loafers

There’s something about this outfit that somehow romanticizes your surroundings. Even though it’s commonly seen, it doesn’t contradict the fact that it’s aesthetically pleasing. It gives off sentimental fall vibes, though it’s more practically worn in the spring.

Sweaters, loungewear shorts, white sneakers, baseball caps

If you’re a college student, you need this fit in your wardrobe. It’s practical, stylish and makes you seem put together — even if you’re not. Most of all, it’s easy to achieve. Also, if you throw on some jewelry, it takes this classic fit to a whole new level.


Cargo skirts, platform slippers/flip flops, tank tops, mini purses

I’m in love with this fit. It’s so fun, perfect for going out with friends or for a coffee run. It might take a little more effort finding the right pieces to put this outfit together, but I promise you it’s worth it. And if you manage to find a vintage pair of colorful platform Mary Jane shoes, you just have to post your outfit on social media. It’ll definitely l have people swooning.

Summer dresses, loafers, scrunched white socks, necklaces

Of course we had to include the simplest yet daintiest of them all — a summer dress. Just throw one on, embellish it with some jewelry and call it a day. How effortlessly beautiful.

We have so many more outfits that we love, but having too many options might just hinder you from beginning your fashion makeover. As they say, less is more. These are just the essentials that we hope is a good starting point for the wardrobe makeover you’ve been procrastinating since forever. With that, we wish you good luck for the rest of the semester and while you’re out there acing your exams, why not look cute too?

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NOVEMBER 07, 2022