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Ways to find peace when you're overwhelmed

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NOVEMBER 10, 2022

The most shocking thing about coming to UC Berkeley was finding out that “midterm week” was actually a season that starts on week three and never really ends. Projects, tests and group work have piled up, and finals are somehow just around the corner.

If you have found yourself completely overwhelmed and needing a break, then you’re not alone. Students all across campus are overworked and deserve a break. Here at The Daily Clog, we’re in full support of taking some time to strengthen your mental health and escape from the workload for a little.

Even if we can’t take a whole weekend off to rejuvenate at a spa somewhere, there are countless little ways to have pockets of peace in your daily life. To help you find some simple ways to take a break, we have created a list of some of The Daily Clog’s favorite de-stressing tips!

Go outside

One thing I realized recently was that other than walking to class, I spend a shockingly little time outside. Constantly holed up in a library or at my desk, finding time to soak in the sunshine is nearly impossible. My new favorite activity has been finding outdoor spaces to do my work. Whether it’s Memorial Glade, Willard Park or an outdoor table at a cafe, I’ve loved doing homework while getting the benefits of the sun. Even if I’m still cramming for hours, something about being in the fresh air boosts my mood and makes the time spent studying ten times easier. Grab a picnic blanket or coffee, and try doing some work outside for a little while!

Go for a walk

Another activity that may seem off putting when there’s already so much movement in Berkeley, taking a walk just for fun is the perfect way to clear your mind. Listening to music, a podcast or an audiobook while strolling about is surprisingly therapeutic. Spend some time breathing in the cool fall air and just take some time to yourself. Or, grab a friend and have some nice chit chat as you walk through the pretty streets. Whether you have an end destination or not, you’re sure to feel a little less stressed after spending some time taking a nice walk.

Read for pleasure

While this might seem like a chore after doing countless hours of required reading, picking up a book that I want to read has been a joy in my life lately. Even if I only get to read one chapter a day, spending time doing something “academic” that I chose to do makes me feel accomplished and rejuvenated. I’ve loved reading my favorite rom-coms and murder mysteries as a distraction from the academic readings I’m constantly forced to read. If you also have a stack of books you’ve been meaning to read for months, try cracking one open and let your mind take a break for a couple minutes!

However busy the semester gets, don’t forget to put your mental health and needs first. You deserve a break, whatever that break means to you. Take some time focusing on yourself this week and find your own little pocket of peace!

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NOVEMBER 14, 2022