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Best study spots if you want to escape campus

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NOVEMBER 28, 2022

As we’re getting ready for finals season, you may be looking for a change of scenery outside of the same old study spots like Moffitt or Main Stacks. Or, you may just be tired of trying to find a spot in one of the packed libraries on campus. Thankfully, there are a ton of places off campus or close by that make for the perfect study spots during dead week. Here is a list of places in the Berkeley area that are perfect for studying! 

Berkeley Public Library

Located conveniently in Downtown Berkeley, the Berkeley Public Library has four floors filled with chairs and places you can study at. Since it’s a little farther away from campus and a place where many students might not know about, there are usually a ton of empty seats available. It’s also usually really quiet during the weekdays so you can get the same environment as a library on campus without all the crowds! While being surrounded by a ton of books, you’re sure to make a lot of progress while studying! 

1951 Coffee Company

Right across the street from unit 3, this quaint coffee shop makes the best place to study! The atmosphere and the design of the shop is really nice. Their coffee is also really good — especially their honey lavender latte! Keep in mind though, they are only open until 5pm so it’s more suited for early morning and late afternoon studying. Overall, it’s a great coffee shop to grab a drink and sit down and study in! 

The Office 

If you want a top notch experience and are willing to spend some money to have a good place to study, The Office, located in Downtown Berkeley, is perfect for you. The Office is a shared place where you can pay to study in either a communal office space or an individual office room. They have fast wifi, printing, snacks and even coffee that is included in the price of your day pass or your monthly membership fee. They are also open 24 hours a day which is perfect if you study late at night. You do have to make a reservation or buy a monthly membership though, which is important to keep in mind before you head out to study! 

Strawberry Creek Park

If you like studying outside and are tired of studying on Memorial Glade, Strawberry Creek Park is a great place for you to try! The park is more than three acres and has a picnic area, a large lawn and a ton of benches for catching up on your required readings. If the weather gets too cold or  craving a small bite to eat, they even have a cafe called The Hidden Cafe right next to the park. During your study breaks, you can also walk around the park and enjoy the beautiful view of Strawberry Creek or play a quick tennis match on their tennis courts! 

Caffe Strada 

This list wouldn’t be complete without Caffe Strada, as one of the most well-known cafes around Berkeley conveniently located on College Avenue. During dead week or midterm season though, it can be pretty crowded, so make sure to arrive early to snag an open seat. They are open until 12 a.m., which is great for those who want to study later into the night with a group of friends. They also have a ton of great coffee options and food, so you are sure to be full and well-caffeinated while studying! 

Grab your highlighters, flash cards and notes before heading to one of these places! It might even become one of your new favorite places to study at. With this list, we hope that you found some great places to help you escape the Berkeley bubble we tend to get stuck in during the school year.

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NOVEMBER 28, 2022