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Jordana’s latest EP 'I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking' is breathless, bedroom pop blur

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NOVEMBER 29, 2022

Grade: 3.5/5.0

Jordana’s latest EP I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking illustrates immersive self-growth, one the 22-year-old singer-songwriter is continuously building upon. Indie rock is mellowed out and pressed into the ethereality of a dream, drawing from the soft repose of bedroom pop.

The record is calm and serene; if her prior work churns with the ocean’s broiling push and pull, this record is glassy smooth like the windless surface of a lake, its simplicity fresh and soothing. Lyrically, the EP’s cornerstone is Jordana’s ever-evolving empowerment — even if, in places, the production’s balminess edges on banality.

Songs such as “Hands Over My Head” lay out Jordana’s process of realizing she is “worthy and enough.” The song identifies the moment she stands up for herself in a relationship with someone who does not seem to treat her the way she deserves. A catchy bassline sharply slices through the song’s opening before the synth takes over, shaping its gentle ebb and flow. Lyrics poised with precision and placidness are backed by the echoing synth and by her breath, crafting staccato near-silent gasps into its tranquil firmness.

Jordana continues to confront her desire to be treated with care in the second single on the EP “SYT” which washes over listeners, engulfing them in her intoxicating rapture. It builds breathily, dazzling color filling in the rough edges of an electric guitar as Jordana sings “Save your tears!” Dreamy, confident and commanding all at once, the song buzzes with an underlying euphoria that makes listeners want to jump and spin along with the steadily swelling soundscape. The accompanying music video is bright with grainy, oversaturated imagery that matches the atmospheric energy of the song, with rainbows and spiraling lenses framing Jordana’s face as she belts her self-assured lyrics.

A mere six songs, the EP is less than 20 minutes long, and in places its similitude blurs together with tunelessness. It is a step in a softer direction from her previous work — without the crashing drums and cutting electricity of Face The Wall and indie quirkiness of her earlier EPs, Something to Say to You and Classical Notions of Happiness, the record is understated and almost too unified.

For all of her emotional development, Jordana still has considerable room left for musical maturation. However, self-growth is her tour de force, and this strength lies in her ability to speak on vulnerable topics. 

This candor proliferates in the EP’s closer, “Careless Mistake.” Palpable emotion entangled within the song’s core, Jordana’s guilt threads its way through lyrics such as “Why did I do all the things that I did to you? / How could I choose such a terrible way to treat who I loved?” Regretful and contrite, her voice wavers with abject apology, turning the emotional landscape of remorse into a softly subdued melody.

A devastating, plodding piano tune teases the strength of the song’s production prior to its first verse.  Between heavenly background vocals, haunting violins that carry the song toward exaltation and vivid, richly evocative lyrics such as “Water to wine, guess she hoped she would find solid soil to leave all thе reason behind/She nеver did grow from the dirt that you laid, she dug deeper into the core in the cave,” “Careless Mistake” closes out the EP with vibrancy.

On I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking, Jordana answers with dreamy, profound honesty and artfulness, as if responding to a letter from her past self. Self-growth unfurls slowly, like the sprouting of a seed from the earth, another step along the path of her artistic germination. 

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NOVEMBER 29, 2022