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5 activities to pick up during dead week

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Senior Staff

DECEMBER 08, 2022

With finals season approaching, it can be hard to find time to care for yourself. In the midst of preparing for exams and wrapping up the loose ends of your semester, it’s important to make time for rest. No matter what your destressing habits typically look like, here are some things you can do to take a break during dead week!

Go on a walk

Tired of the library being the only place you walk to during dead week? Whether it’s a scenic hike or simply a stroll around Elmwood, taking a walk for your enjoyment is a great way to destress, acquire a change of scenery and enjoy nature or your favorite city spots. Pick out your favorite album to listen to while you walk or convince a friend to tag along with you — it’ll double the fun! 

Take a day trip

What better way to destress than to get out of Berkeley? Sometimes, being away from the pressures of school can really help you get a better grasp on everything. San Francisco is only a 30-minute BART ride away, and you can visit iconic landmarks such as Union Square, Hayes Valley or Mission Dolores Park. Venture a bit inward to Golden Gate Park or Chrissy Beach, places where you can most definitely find a moment of peace and relax in your preferred way.

Visit a bookstore

Dead week is a time when many of us are wrapping up the course readings we neglected throughout the semester. Instead of forcing yourself to read something unenjoyable, why not try to find something fun to read — or, even better, find a read for winter break. There are several bookstores that are located extremely close to campus, such as Moe’s Books, Sleepy Cat Books and Half Price Books, along with many others.


Personally, the one activity that is most effective at getting me out of a slump is baking. Whether it’s something as simple as chocolate chip cookies or something fancier such as raspberry cheesecake or macarons, the simple act of following a recipe and being in the moment allows you to take a step back, reflect on your day and focus on something besides your impending deadlines and finals. To make the activity even more exciting, invite some friends over to relax and eat your treats with you!

Reorganize your workspace

Sometimes, all you need to do to get out of a work slump is change up where you work. While UC Berkeley has over 20 libraries for you to study in, sometimes the most productive study space can be your desk. Especially after the built-up clutter of a few stressful nights or a semester of looking at the same wall decor, it can be nice to change things up by cleaning, reorganizing and swapping out decorations and stationery. Maybe you can even go shopping to find some fun new things for your space!

Whether you have three papers due or simply one final exam, dead week is stressful for everyone. With these tips, hopefully you can find a way to take a step back and enjoy some time for yourself before finals. 


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DECEMBER 08, 2022