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Ways to avoid writing a cheesy love poem

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JANUARY 27, 2023

Roses are red, violets are blue, let’s write a poem, yes, you can do it too! With arguably the most romantic day of the year approaching, love poems are sure to make an appearance sometime soon. The best part? Anyone can write one! I do pride myself on being a romantic at heart, and let me tell you that poetry is the food of love. If you’re thinking about writing a love poem for your significant other, the Clog has some tips to make sure you don’t end up writing a cheesy love poem. 

Thou shalt not use Shakespearean language

As a poet myself, I find it very amusing how the majority of people have preconceptions that poetry is supposed to be super wordy. Racking your brain for different vocabulary words isn’t bad and you’re on the right path. But be mindful that you don’t have to use archaic language or anything super fancy to get your point across. Sometimes the simplest words speak the loudest.

Don’t plagiarize!

I know it might be tempting to look for “inspiration” on Google just to get the juices flowing, but if you really want your poem to be special, I recommend letting everything come from the heart. Your words will be 10 times more valuable if they are original in your poem. Just let the words spill onto the paper.

First draft

Just like any other important paper, revisions can be necessary! If you’re finding yourself stuck on what to say, jot down a few words that first come to mind when thinking of your special someone. Your first draft doesn’t have to be your final draft. Take some time to play with the words or their order. Poems are just like songs! Put on some of your favorite love songs to get you in the mood. Trust the process.

You don’t always have to rhyme

Every line doesn’t have to rhyme. Sure, it does sound nice at times, but rhyming too much can sound a little forced. Play with words and look up synonyms if a certain one doesn’t fit your style. I like using “RhymeZone” when I’m having trouble finding a word that rhymes.

Be vulnerable

Probably the hardest thing to do, yet the most fulfilling. Remember who you’ll be giving this to, if that’s of any help. Laying it all out there and being vulnerable on paper is a great way to show someone just how much you love them. 

Less is more

Your poem doesn’t have to be pages long. You can always keep it short and sweet. Adding extra things and forcing yourself to make it longer can take away from its genuineness.

Throw in your first language

I find it extra special when I incorporate Spanish words into my poems. Not only can your poem sound more romantic, but it can also make it more unique. Some words just can’t be translated into English.

The Clog wishes you the best of luck writing your love poems and hopes these tips were helpful in your writing process!

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JANUARY 27, 2023