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What your favorite The 1975 album says about you

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JANUARY 28, 2023

That’s right, baby — I’m back with another one! And this time, with The 1975 resurfacing as that band, I’m here to tell everyone what your favorite album by the band says about you. As an OG The 1975 fan (that’s right, I was wearing my box t-shirt at 12 years old), I have more than just the authority to judge each one of you for your favorite album, I have the right. So strap in and strap up, because I have some intel for you.

Self-titled: The 1975

If this is your favorite album, you’re either a long-term stan (like me) or you’ve barely heard anything about the band and just say this is your favorite album to gain the approval of your friend group. If that’s the case, then what are you even doing here? Still trying to gain their approval? Anyway, if you’re the former, then you’re absolutely superior. You’ve been around since the Tumblr days when we all wore ripped tights and black eyeliner — and how we survived those dark years, I don’t know. We honestly deserve a veterans discount, you guys.

I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

You guys are just as extravagant as the title of the damn album. Like, do you even know how long that took to type out? Jeez. Only you guys would have a favorite album with that long of a name. Though, this album is actually pure genius, so I deem you guys geniuses as well (but not on the same level as the self-titled stans). You guys appreciate The 1975’s shift in genre and respect how much of a risk that was to take. You all also adore the complexity of the lyrics in this album — they speak to you, so to say — and I love a good group of people who understand great lyrics. You guys embrace the popularity and richness of this album — as we all should, though.

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

This album slaps, but it’s also kind of niche — and so are you, in a way, yes? You like things that are slightly different and unknown, but you’re not obnoxious about it. You just have good taste, and no one should judge you for that. You know what, ABIIOR fans deserve all the credit they can get, so I’ll stop here. Love you guys.

Notes on a Conditional Form

Remember what I said about how ABIIOR fans like the not-so-well-known stuff but aren’t obnoxious about it? Yeah, NOACF fans are obnoxious about it. We get it, you want to be different. If this is your favorite album out of the other four, better ones, it’s because you openly try not to be like everybody else — and that makes you kind of annoying.

Being Funny in a Foreign Language

If this is your favorite album, you probably just started liking/listening to The 1975, and that’s valid. In this house, we don’t judge newcomers (only NOACF stans)! This album is responsible for the wave of new fans and popularity of the band, and I don’t blame it — it’s a great album, so I applaud you for choosing a good first and favorite album. Though, once you start really diving into The 1975 and their music, you’ll see their other stuff is just as brilliant.

The 1975 still continues to rise in popularity, which both breaks my heart and makes me happy. It’s a wonderful group that allows us to all come together and throw random stuff on stage and listen to Matty Healy make comments about it with heavy autotune. Though, no matter if you’re a new fan or a Tumblr OG, I’ll still judge you all equally!

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JANUARY 28, 2023