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How to friendzone a guy in 5 easy steps

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FEBRUARY 17, 2023

Unrequited love, or should I say unrequited infatuation? We’ve all once experienced the uncomfortable moment of hesitation that follows a very expected declaration of love. Whether it was the not-so-subtle hints, like the nonstop messages you decided to stop answering, or the daily compliments about your appearance, you saw it coming one way or another. But were you prepared? The awkward pause tells me you weren’t. No worries, the Clog has got you covered with 5 easy steps to friendzone that guy who can’t seem to take a hint. 

The good old “buddy”

Have you been using his name too much? Maybe he needs a small reminder of just how much you value your friendship. Nothing that a good old “buddy” or “bro” can’t fix! Even better, throw in the “you’re such a good friend” after having a meaningful conversation, subtly letting him know that he really is nothing more than a friend. 

One of the girls

You’ve heard the saying “one of the boys,” but have you heard it with the gender roles reversed? As women, we know exactly what not to share with a guy we’re interested in and what to tell the girls. So, spill all the tea. Tell him about the nasty rash on your back, the zit that grew overnight on your nose and your boy problems. Anything and everything that you know can be an ick. Best way to put out a fire is by throwing buckets of water on it. 

Coffee date? Nope. 

Under no circumstance should just the two of you be going anywhere. If you give him even an inch, he’ll try to take a mile. Politely decline any invitation to go out to anything that could resemble a date. Blame your busy schedule and if he’s super persistent, you can always say you have a date. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally going to grab lunch together shouldn’t send any mixed signals. That’s what normal friends do! 

Play matchmaker

Want to send a very direct hint? Play matchmaker for him. Mention other girls on your walks to class and add “they look like just your type!” Attempting to set him up with someone else is just the way to push him in the right direction. Who knows? You may even help him find exactly what he’s looking for. 

Be honest

Like Adele said, “I’m being cruel to be kind.” If this is a friendship you really value and a person you care for as a friend, then being honest with your feelings can help clear the palpable tension in the air. Let them know you don’t see them as anything more than a good friend and give them time to heal from that harsh reality. It’s better to be truthful than unintentionally stringing the person along. 

The Clog hopes these steps help you get out of your “awkward friend phase” so that things can once again get back to how they used to be. 

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FEBRUARY 17, 2023