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Cold, hard college advice: Capricorn edition

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FEBRUARY 24, 2023

I’ve lost a lot of things this past year (money, dignity, sanity, etc, etc). Every day was a special battle and through the rare wins, many losses and quicksand trips down to rock bottom, I’ve cultivated all sorts of ways to deal. While catered toward me (because I came up with them for myself), I’d still like to rattle down my series of unprecedented advice for all of those weeks you want to run away and disappear forever. 

Don’t look back. Especially not down. 

I’ve wanted to collapse a million and one times this past year. While the common advice is to cry it all out and breakdown and roll around on the floor with ice cream or whatever, I’ve learned that like all temptations, the inclination to spiral is to be resisted. The cold, hard crawling-out-of-the-rabbit-hole way. Sometimes, it’s better to clench your teeth and push through rather than indulge in a breakdown. Don’t fall down if you can’t get back up. 

You’re on your own, kid

This year, I learned that no one’s going to be there for you. Really. Nobody’s going to console you through the long nights and you’re alone to celebrate your wins. So, don’t give up on yourself. Because if you let go, no one’s going to hand it back to you. But hey, I’ll always be your digital cheerleader or whatever. 

Just do it. 

This one’s my favorite. If you catch yourself worrying or overthinking, stop. And just do it. Strategies and mindsets? Self-care tips? Just empty your brain and get moving. Because honestly, what else is there to do? 

Go on the StairMaster for an hour 

A quick fix, I’ve discovered. 

Me, myself & I 

Don’t ever settle for less. This is important, especially when things start collapsing around you because, at a certain point, it’s easy to start expecting trouble. Demand and expect a lot from both yourself and your situation. Because like I said before, no one’s going to take care of you, so it’s up to you to be brave. Fake it till you make it. 

Keep at it

At a certain point, it’s tempting to start letting things go. But I believe this is the time to run as fast as you can. Give your maximum because, believe it or not, it’s not going to be forever and it’s going to be a relief to have things under your belt. I always tell myself that if I’m not going to have a good time, might as well get things done. Don’t forget, so many shining beginnings are still awaiting you. 

Have some faith in yourself 

I’m not very good at giving hugs, but I do know how to put on a tough face (it’s easier if you have an RBF). Sometimes it’s one step forward and seven steps back and your Snapchat recap is a bloody nightmare. But, even through it all, it’s essential to honor your own impressions and to maintain yourself. Impossible things happen. But that’s when you have to slap yourself on the face and make it out, one way or another. Plus, it can always get worse. 

But, Taylor Swift does say: Dear reader, don’t take advice from someone who’s falling apart. 

Unless that someone’s a power Capricorn. 

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FEBRUARY 24, 2023