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Power ranking the things I do after class

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FEBRUARY 26, 2023

My day doesn’t end when classes do. There’s always food that needs to be cooked, assignments that need to be completed and emails that need to be responded to. It seems like 24 hours in a day is never going to be enough. So, while I’m at it, here’s a power ranking of the things I do after class. 

Hanging out with friends: 10/10

Seeing my friends is always a good way to unwind at the end of the day. Whether it’s walking to Yogurt Park together or hanging out in each other’s rooms and catching up on the day, there’s nothing I would rather spend my night doing. 

Getting boba: 9/10

My one true love that never disappoints. Getting boba is my reward for getting through a long day of classes. I always opt for some kind of milk tea and it’s the perfect treat to walk home with after sitting all day in lecture halls. 

Attending club meetings: 8/10

This one would’ve gotten a higher ranking if I didn’t get so tired by five o’ clock. After that, I usually lose energy and am too tired to attend club meetings. However, I love seeing my friends and being able to socialize in an environment outside of a classroom, so it’s worth it. 

Napping: 6/10 

Napping is one of my favorite activities to do after class, but unfortunately, my living situation is too noisy to doze off for an hour or two. If it weren’t for the sound of other students walking down the hall and chatting, I probably could sleep for the rest of the night. 

Scrolling on TikTok: 6/10

As much as I hate to admit that I’m slightly addicted to TikTok, scrolling on it can sometimes make my day. If I’m having a bad day, TikTok videos are sure to make me laugh and smile. Yet, sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time and use it to procrastinate on assignments.

Eating pre-made meals: 5/10

As someone who can’t cook, my meals are usually premade from the grocery store. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the frozen food section or the deli. The quality of premade meals could be improved, but it’s not bad for when I’m in a time crunch or too lazy to attempt to cook something extravagant. 

Studying: 3/10

Studying and I have a difficult relationship. Some days I’m super motivated and other days I want to lay in bed for the rest of the night. The good part about studying is knowing that I’m being productive and will do well in my classes, which makes it bearable. 

No matter what activity I’m doing, there’s always going to be some pros and cons to it. While some things on my list may feel unproductive at times, I always try to balance between having a social life, me time and studying. I’ve learned that finding this balance is key to having a good college experience.

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MARCH 19, 2023