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My favorite places to be a matcha girlie

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MARCH 01, 2023

As a former matcha hater, I feel reformed. I feel as though I’ve entered this new era of self-growth, in which my palate has now become sophisticated enough to sip and savor some iced matcha every day. As someone who now considers myself a mild matcha lover, I get absolutely thrilled to try new matcha lattes to fuel this cycle of feeling as though I’m truly adulting. So, after careful consideration, here are some of my go-to’s for getting matcha nearby campus!

1. Caffe Strada

Strada is undeniably a fan favorite, especially during the forthcoming spring season, in which the cherry blossoms are blooming and the lights that overhang the outdoor patio are glowing. Not only is Strada extremely fast in their service, but the wonderful green of the matcha really complements the green aura. Their matcha is not just perfectly sweetened, but also perfect for a quick grab-and-go beverage on your way to class to romanticize your dreaded lecture. 

2. Blue Bottle

I personally love Blue Bottle because it offers a change of scenery from stores on Telegraph in its simple modernity. A sip of their matcha feels like I’m living out a dream — especially as if I’m an aspiring writer in New York City in my twenties. I just adore how they used thick ice cubes within the drink and present it to you without a lid just so you can truly appreciate the beauty of the caffeinated tea. 

3. Baker & Commons

If you sometimes like your matcha as bitter as I do — or as bitter as you might be feeling (potentially bittersweet), then Baker & Commons is the perfect place for you. Inside, there is always this oddly soothing ambiance in contrast to the bustling nature of the kitchen and baristas. Peeking through the windows is a bookstore where the gift of leisure and the enlightenment of reading can seep through your veins as you sip on your matcha. 

4. Peet’s Coffee

While Peet’s matcha features the best type of ice — the crunchy kind — it’s not my favorite type of ice to have in my matcha because of how fast it waters down the matcha. Nonetheless, it’s a smart use of flex dollars and a great alternative to spending eight real dollars buying matcha elsewhere. If you’re in the mood to be in your struggling college student phase, Peet’s matcha may be your calling. 

5. Timeless Coffee 

Tucked away among a plethora of local shops on College avenue, Timeless Coffee is a favorite spot for warm shelter from the rain and warm matcha. It also offers a secret study spot for those of us looking to get away. Not only that, but I feel as giddy as the little kid in a candy store watching them make swans with their artistic latte art talents. 

While there’s an endless list of places of matcha I would like to try and more secret spots to discover, I hope that you’ll find some room in your heart to make this your caffeinated beverage of choice!

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MARCH 01, 2023