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My favorite flyering techniques

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MARCH 06, 2023

Tabling can be stressful, especially when it seems like no one is interested in what you have to advertise. At peak seasons, Sproul Plaza may be too crowded for your booth to even get noticed. So what’s one way to gain attraction to what you have to advertise? Flyering of course. But flyering isn’t all that easy when people hurriedly walking through Sproul ignore your very existence. So, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite techniques that you can try the next time you’re out flyering and low on takers. 

The compliment/conversation

Start off with a compliment! People are more willing to stop speeding through Sproul and start listening to what you have to say when they’re put in a conversation, especially a positive one. 

Worst comes to worst, they don’t take your flyer. They most likely appreciate your compliment, and you brightened someone’s day!

The drop

This is a technique that I’ve seen all across Sproul and have admittedly fallen victim to as well. Tell the person walking by that they dropped something and pretend to pick it up for them. But of course, instead of handing them what they “dropped,” hand them a flyer. While this technique may require some impressive acting, it seems to work every time I’ve seen it happen and from personal experience.

The “roadblock”

Have you ever attempted to walk across Sproul through the small walkway in between the tabling booths? You may have noticed that it’s actually quite easy to slip in through the cracks and avoid flyers by blending in with the crowd and just overall not making contact with the sidelines of the walkway. However, by doing this, it’s also quite easy to miss out on information that you may actually be interested in. So, one technique that you could try out in order to make sure no one misses what you have to say is to be a “roadblock.” While I don’t mean literally blocking the flow of traffic, you could try moving away from the sidelines and towards the center of the road to grab the attention of people in the middle of the walkway. It’s also probably easier to hand a flyer to someone when you’re literally standing right in front of them.

Overall, you shouldn’t think of flyering as a chore — even if you’re required by your organization to do it. You should try to look at the positives and have fun doing it. Maybe you’re recruiting prospective members to your organization or promoting your upcoming concert. That’s an amazing thing which requires a ton of time, effort and dedication! Plus, I’m sure passersbys are more drawn to someone who seems to truly enjoy what they do. I know I am.

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MARCH 06, 2023