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Let’s unpack my bizarre dream

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MARCH 07, 2023

Dreams. There’s a very specific scene in “Inside Out” where Joy watches as Riley’s dream production team moves in a frenzy on set to start production for the night. I like to imagine a small team running around in my own head waiting for the word “Action!” the moment I close my eyes. I invite you to unpack with me the mildly disturbing dream I had a couple of nights ago. Buckle up because we’re about to get real close and personal. 

Let me set the scene. My dream begins in a small apartment with red brick walls and a large rectangular window that directly showcases another apartment building. The apartment across has an identical-shaped window. For some odd reason, my window has no curtains and is alarmingly bare and very see-through. I don’t find this odd at first — everything seems normal.

As the dream progresses, I start to feel the sensation that someone is watching me. It makes my skin crawl and I throw curious glances through the window but don’t see anybody in the empty apartment across. I brush it off at first, yet I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being observed. I look over at the window again, and this time I see a telescope. A black, sleek-looking telescope stands at the window looking over into my apartment. It sits empty like it’s not in use at the moment. Yet, I instinctively know that someone had just been there watching me through it. 

I call a friend and ask her to come over later that evening. I’m fixing up the apartment when the prickly feeling comes over me again and this time when I turn around, there’s a man clad in all-black clothing sitting on a stool adjusting the telescope. My heart starts racing, but the weird thing is that I have the feeling that I know this man. I can’t make out any of his features because he’s hidden in the shadows, but I know I recognize him. He knows I can see him, yet he makes no move to stop watching me. 

My friend knocks on the door and I run to let her in. My words are jumbled rushing out as I try to explain what’s happening, and I point to the window, directing her eyesight. She sees the man too. Could confronting him head-on be the best solution? The sensation gets worse, and I start to feel anxious and my nerves stand upright. I’m scared out of my mind. Why the hell is this man watching me? How long has he been doing it? Do I have a stalker? How do I know him? What should I do?!

Now I’m freaking out and my friend is trying to comfort me. The man is still as a statue — he hasn’t moved an inch. He reminds me of a shadow the way that he lurks in the darkness, and it unnerves me even more. I grab my phone to dial my mother, wondering if I’ll need to file a restraining order when I wake up.

This was literally one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had. I woke up sweating, alarmed, and even more frightened after remembering that my roommate had left home for the weekend. The nightmare was so vivid that I still remember all the small, little details. 

Do I think dreams have meanings? Yes, I do. But I also believe that some dreams are just that: dreams. If you have a very vivid dream, try writing down everything you remember. They make for really interesting stories. I hope you enjoyed unpacking mine with me, and the Clog wishes you all the sweetest dreams.

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MARCH 07, 2023