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Power rankings of Netflix reality shows

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MARCH 08, 2023

As someone who profoundly believes that watching mind-numbing reality TV shows is the perfect way to rest your brain, I have taken it upon myself to rank Netflix reality TV shows from least watchable to most beloved. Here’s my take!

7. “Sexy Beasts” 

As strange as most reality TV show premises are, this one really hits the nail on the head — maybe a little too much. I understand where the producers were coming from, jumping off the bandwagon of success from shows like “The Masked Singer,” but I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the first episode. What baffles me most is that Netflix has filmed two seasons of this. Not to mention, dating another “animal” is almost encouraging animal fetishization. Watch at your own risk. 

6. “Dated & Related” 

Another strange phenomenon of reality TV is bringing in contestants who are related — shows like “Milf Manor”  on TLC. Not to be dramatic, but I really couldn’t get past the first minute, let alone the first episode, without cringing and grimacing in slight terror. The whole premise of the show is quite odd and uncomfortable for not only viewers but the contestants themselves —watching their siblings flirt and hook up with other contestants. If they bring in pairs of best friends, that would’ve been more bearable to watch. The only reason I didn’t rank this last is that I love the host Melinda Berry who’s from season one of “Too Hot to Handle.”

5. “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On”  

While this show has only one season, short-lived and slightly bizarre, it’s also oddly entertaining. There’s some substance behind the premise of the show as couples come into an “experiment” together to test their relationship on whether or not an ultimatum will prepare them for marriage. I enjoyed how the cast seemed to be more like real people and not just reality TV stars, but I could have used some more drama and less documentary.

4. “The Circle”

I feel as though “The Circle” is underrated because it’s a social game and competition that I feel a lot of us would actually enjoy playing. I appreciate how they admit to the ingenuity of social media, but it’s also ironic that they crave finding genuine connections and love in a manipulative game. However, I do love watching them manipulate each other with options to block players, become “influencers” and catfish others. Although I don’t like how the season reunions aren’t that entertaining, Shubby from season one will forever be my favorite player. 

3. “Love Is Blind”

“Love Is Blind” was one of those shows that I vividly remember watching in quarantine and I enjoyed watching such a social experiment. Sometimes, I found it to be too profound such as how some of the cast members are slightly delusional for believing that they’re going to meet their future husbands and wives on a reality TV show, and sometimes, I prefer less thought-provoking entertainment. Nonetheless, I still root for couples who are still married. Although, I love how Netflix continues to try and profit off the initial success of the show with multiple “After the Altar” reunions, providing more content for the lack of drama in my own life. 

2. “Too Hot to Handle”

This show is the epitome of providing a nice break for your brain. While the show is quite funny, it’s frustrating that the cast after the first season doesn’t realize that they’re actually on “Too Hot to Handle” — especially with the lack of information producers give them beforehand. There are some profound exercises and self-growth happening amongst cast members throughout the show, but I still sometimes lose brain cells while watching. I do, however, wholeheartedly believe that it’s like a better version of “Love Island.”

1. “Perfect Match”

My favorite show out of all the Netflix reality shows is “Perfect Match.” It’s the best of both worlds in its combination of “The Ultimatum” where players have to match up with someone or go home and “The Circle” in sending people already in couples on dates. It also has arguably the most hated and loved cast members from all of the other Netflix reality TV shows. The only odd thing is that the cast already somewhat knows each other, but the copious amounts of drama and manipulation make up for it. As I write this, I’m just eager to watch the next episode. I highly recommend it. 

There you have it, my very expert opinion on how romantic Netflix reality TV shows should be ranked! 

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MARCH 08, 2023