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What your favorite Jujutsu Kaisen character says about you

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MARCH 11, 2023

I’ve decided to bring you along my anime journey and make this a recurring segment. This time, we’ll be diving into the world of Jujutsu sorcerers and cursed objects in Jujutsu Kaisen. Let’s get into this compilation of what your favorite Jujutsu Kaisen character says about you.

Satoru Gojo

It’s the blindfold, isn’t it? Reminds me of a certain someone from another anime universe…  If you’re picking Gojo as your favorite I’m going to have to assume you’re either majorly obsessed with him or that you have a 24/7 god complex. Your carefree attitude makes everyone around you feel at ease and you find excitement in challenges where you have to test your skills. Your laid-back aura makes you the chillest in your friend group. 

Yuji Itadori

It’s giving the class clown that everyone loves. Yuji’s impulsiveness and brave nature make him one of the most well-liked characters. You never shy away from a fight and probably have a strong moral compass to guide you. Yuji’s laidback nature and sincere intentions make him all the more a fan favorite. 


You’re definitely a red flag. If the master manipulator is your favorite, you cannot be trusted. Much like Sukuna who constantly gaslights Yuji, I’m gonna say you’re the problem. You like being in control of situations and definitely give “leader of the group” vibes.  

Megumi Fushiguro

Oh so you’re into broody guys with issues, huh? Me too. Much like a black cat, Megumi’s stoic nature and once in a blue moon smiles make him more appealing. Much like him, your cool and calculating nature lead to a very black and white view of the world. You might come off as cold to some but once you feel comfortable, you don’t mind showing some emotion. 

Nobara Kugisaki

A fellow girlboss. Nobara’s brash and confident personality shows a character who isn’t ashamed of being herself. Much like her, your wit doesn’t go unnoticed and your outspoken nature makes you a force to be reckoned with. Did I mention you’re always serving looks?

Maki Zenin

You scare me. Just a little. Maki’s intimidating nature and skill in combat make her a total badass. The word “quit” isn’t even in your vocabulary, and you don’t take L’s. Your strong-will and grit makes the people around you instantly respect you. You don’t take shit from anyone and expect the best from those in your small circle. 

Toge Inumaki 

You remind me of the quiet kid in class who draws in their notebook during every lecture. You may seem aloof on the exterior, but deep down you’re an insightful, deep thinker. Inumaki’s sacrifice to speak in cryptic phrases to protect his friends from his cursed speech makes him a selfless individual. You probably share a similar sense of duty to be protective of your loved ones. 


Don’t tell the rest of your friends, but your sense of humor is elite. Similar to Panda’s sarcastic remarks and light teasing, making those around you smile is in your second nature. You choose to be authentic to yourself and never once pretend to be something you aren’t. 

Kento Nanami

Always so serious. You’re most definitely the mom of the group who acts like you hate everyone but secretly makes sure everyone is taking their vitamins. You like getting down to business and hate inefficiency. Nanami may act indifferent at times but he’s got a heart of gold. Your calculated mindset means you don’t like rushing into decisions without knowing as much as possible about the situation, and that’s very wise of you. 

As always, thank you for letting me take a stab at picking apart your brain. Can season two come out any slower?! I feel like I’ve been waiting an eternity since we last saw our jujutsu sorcerers. I wonder what universe we’ll be jumping into next! 

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MARCH 11, 2023