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Small things I do that improve my day

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APRIL 07, 2023

It’s easy to overlook the small things I do that may be improving my day. As someone who lives a somewhat busy life, I often forget half the things I do during the day. However, I’ve learned to never discount the little things in life because they can all be contributing to bettering my day to day. So without further ado, here are some small things I do that improve my day. 

Drinking water immediately after waking up 

Whenever I wake up feeling groggy, water comes to the rescue. It’s important to start my day hydrated because I get a little boost of energy from drinking water. It’s a bonus if it’s cold because the cool temperature wakes my system up and alerts me that it’s time to get ready for the day.

Buying iced coffee 

My bank account doesn’t always thank me for my iced coffee addiction. I like to justify paying for a $5 iced coffee by arguing that it makes me happy and improves my day. Coffee wakes me up and ensures I stay awake for those early morning lectures, especially if it gives me the jitters. I live by the motto: live, laugh, latte. 

Taking the bus instead of walking

I am an avid hater of the Berkeley hills. If there’s a chance to take the bus, you best believe I’m taking it. I’d rather save time and leg pain by taking the bus instead of walking uphill. Having the student bus pass is one of the best gifts life could have given me. 

Getting free merch on Sproul

I won’t lie that people tabling and flyering can get annoying at times, but I do have to say I love getting free merch on Sproul. Not only is it fun to get free goodies when you least expect it, but it’s interesting to learn about clubs and organizations on campus that I’ve never heard of. 

Lighting a candle

Candles are my one true love. I simply can’t get enough of how good they smell and am always searching for my new favorite scent. There’s no wrong time to light a candle and I love how one candle can change the vibe of my entire day. Whether I’m studying or winding down and watching television, my candles never disappoint. 

Putting my phone down at night at a designated time

I’ve only recently started this routine, but putting my phone down at a designated time helps me get the same amount of sleep each night. It takes discipline to know when to stop scrolling on TikTok and Reddit, but I’ve realized that it’s more beneficial to get sleep than continue scrolling on my phone. I wake up feeling well-rested and my screen time has gone down significantly by practicing this routine. 

Although these acts are small, they make a difference in my day. Even if it’s only for a minute, doing these practices make me happy and spark some joy in my stressful, busy life. Having gratitude for the small things in life has improved my mental health and has made me more aware of how much power I have over controlling how my day plays out.

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APRIL 07, 2023