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Ayal Meyers runs for ASUC Senate on campus climate, safety, Greek life improvements

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Ayal Meyers runs on the platforms of campus and Greek life safety and ASUC transparency.


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APRIL 09, 2023

Ayal Meyers, a sophomore studying cognitive science and political science with a minor in public policy, is running for ASUC Senate as an independent candidate on the platforms of campus safety, campus climate and Greek life improvements.

As a California native who sees room for both disappointment and potential for improvement on campus, Meyers said he is fighting for every student regardless of their identity. He noted that he sees campus safety as the top priority, preceding all other concerns.

“We’re the university with the 4th most crime in the nation,” Meyers alleged in an email. “I have worked with my team and community leaders to create an actionable and realistic plan to battle this campus issue.”

He intends to advocate for safety measures, such as institutionalized ride-sharing programs, which he noted are present on other college campuses.

Meyers said his platform on campus climate comprised three S’s: security for students’ basic needs, student success and sustainability. He aims to ensure resources — both essential and academic — for students and listen to and amplify the voices of community members with ideas regarding campus’ sustainability.

Representation and sexual violence and harassment prevention are Meyers’ goals for Greek life — goals he has concrete reasons to pursue as a Jewish member of Greek life and witness to the trauma caused by sexual violence. To these ends, Meyers plans to increase funding for PATH to Care and bring campus communities together.

Meyers worked in ASUC President Chaka Tellem’s office as a legal affairs intern during his freshman year, studying and modifying bylaws to make the ASUC more transparent and approachable. He is currently working in the office of ASUC Senator Tyler Mahomes, who endorses Meyers, as Director of Greek affairs.

Meyers is also endorsed by ASUC Sexual Violence Commission co-chair Catherine Bauer, ASUC Senator and UC Berkeley Panhellenic Council executive vice president Bridgette Meshkani and ASUC Senator Shay Cohen.

One challenge Meyers expects to face is in the implementation of a ride-sharing program for campus, which he noted would be a popular yet expensive safety measure. Meyers hopes to address the cost concern by increasing funding transparency and directing that funding toward students’ priorities.

Meyers noted that he is a big proponent of voting. While he hopes students will vote for him as senator, he also wants students to vote in general and believes in the democratic process of elections as a means of meaningful change.

“If voters know one thing about me as a candidate it’s that I am dedicated,” Meyers said in an email. “Dedicated to keeping my promises; to working together to build up our community; and to fighting for our safety.”

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APRIL 09, 2023