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Editor's note: Thinking outside the binary

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tories have been told for as long as humans have existed. Language has always been a fundamental yet essential technology that allows humans to share stories and communicate with one another. Through the years, like all technologies, language has evolved to create writing and literature. From the languages and tools we use to write down our thoughts to the devices that enable us to share our writing with others, technology and writing have always been intimately connected. In recent years, the rapid progression of artificial intelligence has changed our lives in significant ways. Amid these technological advances, one cannot help but wonder what awaits writers and artists in a world so saturated with AI.

In this issue, The Weekender explores the various ways AI has changed the value of creativity and human intelligence. Our writers examine humanity’s shifting relationships with writing, language and identity. How will AI impact students’ relationships with hands-on learning? Can we accept the possibility of AI developing its own humanity? Will creatives eventually go extinct? 

While answers to these questions may not come soon, it seems like AI is already here and ready to stay. Change can be daunting, but at the end of the day, the richness and complexity of the human mind will always remain one of a kind. From now on, it’s you and (A)I. 

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APRIL 09, 2023